UNC-GW: Locker Room Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – David Noel, Tyler Hansbrough, Bobby Frasor, Marcus Ginyard and Danny Green spoke with the media following the game. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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On his game-winning three-pointer-

"I knew Bobby was on the wing and I saw the guy who was guarding me was back in the paint, so I yelled Bobby's name and once Bobby got it to me I knew I was going to shoot it."

On the early jitters-

"We knew we were loaded with freshmen and there would be some jitters at first - but once they got to the second half and they got those jitterbugs out, the turnovers stopped and we were able to come out with a win."

What this game does for the team-

"It definitely gives us confidence, I think. It shows our toughness but also shows some of the things we need to work on, so we're going to go back to practice tomorrow at 3:30 and get ready to do it again and learn from our mistakes."


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Reactions to his first game-

"Our team played well at points and there are certainly things that coach wants us to work on a lot more. The first game was a great atmosphere to get used to. It was kind of overwhelming coming out there having not played in front of a big crowd like that in high school, but it was really enjoyable."

On being the team's go-to post scorer

"Their big guy was in foul trouble, so I thought he wouldn't play as aggressive and I think we took advantage of that. And I'm happy to get the ball inside and score whenever possible."

On feeding off the energetic crowd-

"I had a little bit [of butterflies], but when you see a crowd like that and they're all psyched up, I just get real pumped up and I'm real excited to play - it kind of gave me a little more energy. I'm glad they're out there because I definitely play a lot better when they're all hyped up like that."

Who gave you the nickname 'Psycho T'?

"Weight room coach, Jonas Sahratian. We were lifting in there one day ... and he just called me 'Psycho' and has been calling me that ever since. I don't mind it, I like it."


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On getting over the tough start-

"Yeah, I'd say [it was first game jitters], but I settled down in the second half, everyone was being positive with me ... coaches, teammates, everyone was positive with me, giving encouragement."

On starting at the point-

"I'm pretty comfortable with everything we run, it's just crazy being the starting point guard your first game ever in your college career, so I just tried to calm myself down. ... I just need to play my game, not to force things and just settle down and do the stuff we do every day in practice."

How's it going getting used to Chapel Hill - you feel at home now?

"I love it here. Everyone's nice. I'm getting used to the weather, it's a lot better than 20 degrees and snowing in Chicago ... You give me a car, I wouldn't know where I'm going, but I can get to class and to Franklin Street, so I'm all right."


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On getting over the shaky start-

"Everybody talks about having first game jitters, but basically we just didn't come out ready to play. In the second half we came out a lot more focused and more intense."

On the team's defensive performance-

"We didn't come out ready to play. When this team is focused and we're playing the intense basketball that we can play, we can play defense on anyone in the country. Tonight we just didn't begin the game focused and that's why you saw such a big difference in our defense in the first half and in the second half."

How was the defensive communication tonight?

"There was no communication, as you can see. We talk a lot in practice, but we got into the game setting and just started to get quiet. So that's a key that we need to think about, continuing to communicate on the court."

On Tyler Hansbrough's play tonight-

"Tyler's doing a great job, working hard in the post. He's getting banged around a little more than he used to, but he's coming along very well - I'm very pleased with him. I'm excited to have him down low and I'm expecting big things from him."

On Danny Green-

"To me, I've always thought Danny is that sleeper player that everybody always underestimates or isn't ready for. And if they're not going to be ready for him, he's going to come out with a game like he did tonight, shooting threes, getting on the boards - he's a tough player."


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On his first game-

"It was intense. I think we were a little nervous at the beginning, but we got some of the kinks out and started playing better in the second half. We made a lot of mistakes, but I think that's just because of the inexperience and being nervous. But we're going to get better. This game helped us out a lot."

You think the Danny Green scouting report will now say to watch out for him?

"I hope not. I hope I can stay under the radar and sneak in and help my team out."

Were you nervous early in the game?

"A little bit in the beginning. My first shot, I guess you could tell the nervousness, because it was an airball. But once I got that out of me and starting playing a little bit, I was able to play my game."

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