Q&A with Kyle Ralph

All-ACC offensive lineman Kyle Ralph talked to the media this week before heading up to Blacksburg for Saturday's regular season finale against Virginia Tech. Read and listen to some of what he had to say ...


On playing Virginia Tech -

"I think it's a great challenge, a great opportunity for this us to go up there and show what we can do on national television."

What's the mood of this team going up there?

"We're really excited. Everyone really understands, as Coach Bunting put it, that this is a playoff game. Just like last week, if we want to get to our goal, then each week's a playoff for us. Everyone's prepared and ready to take on the challenge."

On missed opportunities this season -

"When you play teams like Miami and Virginia Tech, the margin for error is incredibly slim. To be able to beat a team like that, you just can't have [missed opportunities]. Part of the maturity of this team is we've got to knock out those missed opportunities and be able to go up there and play flawless football if we're going to be able to win this game. ... They always kind of linger. You wish you had them, but it's a 'coulda, shoulda, woulda' thing. You got to just keep moving on. This is the final week of the season and this is the biggest week. What happened against Georgia Tech in week one means absolutely nothing this week. You can learn from those things and try to correct them. It's this week right now. Those other things right now don't really make much of a difference."

How close are you to playing two great halves of football?

"I think we're really close. We've watched the film and every week there are plays on offense where we'are just a few inches or one player away from breaking a huge play or making a huge gain or making a difference in a game. It's the small, little things like that can break a game open for us. We've played a half here and a half there and a couple times we've played some complete games, but if we're going to be able to put a whole game together like the first half versus Miami, we've got to get all 11 guys. We can't just have 91 percent of the players on offense doing the right things and have one guy slipping up. It's got to be a combined effort with all 11 of us."

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