Marcus Hands interview - UNC Verbal Committment

Mark Ellington obtained the following interview from DL/TE Marcus Hands to get some feedback on his commitment to Carolina. The IC Football Recruiting Staff has made available all recruiting stories this week. These stories are normally part of our premium recruiting coverage.

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Marcus Hands out of Wilmington (NC) Emsley A Laney is arguably one of the best football players in the state of North Carolina. Hands nabbed 38 tackles and four sacks last season for the Buccaneers. He saw time on both sides of the field hitting hard and often as a LB and helping out on offense as a TE/FB.

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to UNC

Verbally committed to UNC

Inside Carolina: Marcus, thank you for talking with us. Why did you decide to commit to UNC?
Marcus Hands: Because of the way they treat their athletes and the academics. They have really good academic support. They push their players to attend class and to graduate. I really want to graduate and I think they would help me with my academics as well as football.

IC: Do you know what you want to major in?
Hands: Communications and Law.

IC: Did you talk to Rashaad any about Carolina?
Hands: Yes, we talked some.

IC: What did he say to you?
Hands: State was recruiting Rashaad at first and at the same time they (state) were recruiting me. Then Carolina started recruiting both of us and Rashaad committed to UNC. Rashaad just basically told me to go to Carolina.

IC: What is the best part about playing football?
Hands: The hitting, that's the best part.

IC: Sounds like a defensive player talking. Did you play offense any?
Hands: Yes, I played TE and RB.

IC: RB? Did you get to carry the ball any?
Hands: Once. We were playing Northwest Guilford. Some of our starters on offense were thrown out because they got "caught up" with some of the Northwest players. I asked our coach if I could try RB. He said ok but if I was thrown out of the game I'd never touch the ball again.

IC: Did you gain any yards or get thrown out?
Hands: I gained two yards and did not get thrown out.

IC: Did you get to touch the ball again?
Hands: Well, I recovered two fumbles.

IC: Did they throw to you as a TE?
Hands: No, they just put me in to block.

IC: Have you visited Chapel Hill?
Hands: Yes I visited for the spring game and for junior day.

IC: Tell us about how you committed.
Hands: I was up for the spring game and I told Coach Broadway that I wanted to commit. Later, I called Coach Bunting from my school and told him.

IC: What did Coach Bunting say?
Hands: He was really excited and said that he was glad that I made my decision.

IC: Is Coach Broadway your primary recruiter for UNC?
Hands: Yes.

IC: Have you met the entire UNC staff?
Hands: Yes, I have met the entire staff.

IC: Have you watched UNC play on TV?
Hands: I saw the FSU game, Carolina really played great that game.

IC: What part of your game would you like to improve?
Hands: I would like to work getting off blocks better and work on my speed some.

IC: Do you play any other sports?
Hands: I wrestled last year. I also play BB and compete in track and field. I run the 400m and 300m hurdles. I also compete in the shot and discus.

IC: Thanks for talking with us Marcus. Any message for Carolina fans?
Hands: Just tell them that I am glad to be a heel and I can't wait to get to Chapel Hill.

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