UNC-UI: Bruce Weber Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Illinois' head coach Bruce Weber addressed the media following the game…

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You got so many contributions from guys like Jamar [Smith] and Richie [McBride].

I think it was a team effort was the big thing. Even Calvin [Brock]'s two minutes he went in there and got a loose ball. Every little thing when you are on the road--you've got to do all the little things that make a difference, all the little hustle plays. We weren't very good in the first half, but we were able to hang in there, kept it close. The second half we had the nice run to start the half. Then we puckered a little bit down the stretch but found a way to win and made some free throws.

We didn't execute some of the things we wanted. We've got new people kind of watching not listening, but overall it was a pretty good job defensively, especially the second half, limiting their easy looks and limiting their transition.

What did you tweak on offense in the second half?

They just stood and watched in the first half. We just stood there and watched each other and dribbled so much. We finally got some movement, pushed the ball, got James [Augustine] involved, got the ball inside a little more [to] Shaun [Pruitt] inside. I guess the first time you go on the road you just kind of freeze, and I think we froze in the first half, just kind of standing there. We were lucky that we defended well enough and kept them off the free throw line in the first half. The second half that was probably what allowed them to stay in the game.

Could you talk about [Brian] Randle--he gets the basket after North Carolina made the run and then the offensive rebound.

Well, it was huge. He was one that really froze early in the game. We ran a play for him first play, got a lay-up. He goes up soft; they block it. But then he got used to playing--hits a couple big three's. He's worked on his shot very hard. Probably--we had four fouls on him--maybe should have put him in a little earlier when they were making the run. I guess we got him in right at the right time. We ran a play that we just put in the other day for Brian to get it to him, he hit the lay-up--the same play we ran to open the game. Then it was just a huge offensive rebound off the free throws. Normally, North Carolina prides themselves on getting offensive rebounds off free throws. This time we were able to get the one that made the difference in the game.

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