UNC-UI: Locker Room Report

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Postgame comments from David Noel, Bobby Frasor and Marcus Ginyard ...


On the key stretch of the second half -

"We went on a little drought. But I think it was mainly that they made shots. They knocked down the three-ball consistently tonight. That was something they were going to have to do. We really didn't want to let them get it inside because we knew that was where they had an advantage. But they were knocking down trey balls with our hands in their face. There really isn't too much you can do about that."

On the chemistry of the team -

"We really went out on the court tonight together. Sometimes it takes a loss to bring a team together. We really fought hard to get back into that game and we had a chance to win it. Like I said they knocked down some hard shots all night and that helped them prevail."

The main lesson learned from tonight -

"How tough we are. That's always a positive. We can go out every night and play the type of game we played tonight, it's going to be tough for a lot of teams to beat us. They are going to have to shoot as well as Illinois shot tonight."

On the second half comeback -

"I'm real proud of this team. This team showed a lot of heart out there, a lot of character. That's all you can ask from a bunch of freshman and a couple of seniors. It's something that we are going to draw off of. We are going to take a lot from this game when we go back to practice. As long as we keep going out and playing like we did tonight, this team is going to go a long way."


On Coach Williams' influence in the second half -

"Coach Williams, he really got intense. When we were coming out of huddles, he got into a stance, growling. He was in our face making us believe that we could win this game if we just play hard every possession. Not worry about the score, just play one possession at a time and that's how we got back into the game."

Going up against All-America Dee Brown -

"That was great. I looked forward to the challenge. I think we did a great job today. I know it's a great challenge to play against any All-America."

The effects of not having Quentin Thomas -

"I was definitely tired at times. I think I may have showed it. A couple of times I had to take myself out of the game. I would put my fist up, catch my breath and then get back in there. A game like this, there is so much energy, you can kind of just play through it and that's what I did."


On taking a couple big shots down the stretch -

"It was crazy honestly. I had never experienced anything before like that. Hitting that three and just hearing the crowd go crazy. It's tough and the game continues. It was a great shot but they came right back at us. That's one thing you have to get ready for, they come right back at you."

On the team's fight throughout the second half -

"Everyone says we are a young team, but we are a capable team. That's no excuse for the way we executed late in the game. We have to get ready for the game on Saturday."

On the effort shown by captain David Noel -

"It was a tough play and he just went after the ball and got it from him. That is why he's David Noel. That's why he is our leader."

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