UNC Among King's Top 5

Monday night Taylor King started off his junior season with a bang. The 6-8 sharp shooter at Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei was good for 31 points and 14 rebounds in an opening night win. More outings like that are sure to bring about plenty of attention from the media and colleges, but for King it won't be anything new.

Having been in the spotlight since committing to UCLA prior to his freshman year, King has grown accustomed to performing under pressure. According to his father Steve, playing in high profile events from an early age has helped King thrive.

"I don't think it's been as difficult for him as people may perceive it to be," said King. "He's always been in a position to play in big tournaments and against big time players so he's gotten used to the attention. Taylor has always played against older kids and I think it has helped."

Still only a junior, the book on King reads that he's a shooter. While that label may apply, to list the lefty -- who coincidentally does everything else right handed -- as only a shooter is to overlook some of the other things he's capable of. King is a superior rebounder despite lacking an ideal body or explosive athleticism, he is a smart passer and scores in the post almost at will thanks to clever fakes.

A perfectionist at heart, King is always looking to expand his game.

"He's handling the ball a lot more. In some cases he's even playing the two guard and he's going to the hole a lot more," the elder King said. "He has great instincts for the game and as a result the rest will come because he'll work hard at it."

A frequent flier during his off time, King has already visited several campuses unofficially. He's seen Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, USC and Villanova and still hopes to visit both Florida and Gonzaga unofficially. That being said, his current top five are Duke, Gonzaga, North Carolina, USC and Villanova.

Like any other kid who dreams of playing in the NBA, King will take a close look at how the coach's at each school prepare their players. A big factor for King and his family is the type of people that he'll be around in college and that is part of why North Carolina is being considered heavily.

"They have a great tradition and a great staff," said King's father. "Roy Williams is as good as it gets. They develop not only great players, but great kids. It has been like that everywhere that Roy has been."

For now, King plans on playing out his junior season and looking to make a decision before the start of summer. While it is possible that a decision wouldn't come until next fall, it is much more likely to happen some time in the spring.

"He'll probably decide after the season, before the summer," said Mr. King. "We would like for him to be able to go to the camps and play his senior season without this issue at hand."

With plenty left to do, there is no doubt that King will continue to thrive and take the media spotlight as it comes. Just in case he wanders off track he's got family who will keep him line. His parents are both former athletes, but the real enforcers keeping King in line are three older sisters who all played college sports and let their younger brother know that nothing is granted.

"The girls won't let him get away with anything," said King. "They keep him humble in our house. That's a strong force to have around when you are only in high school."

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