Wright Puts On Block Party

BENTON, Ky. --- At the Marshall County Hoopfest Saturday, a few of the scouts in attendance debated who was the best player in the state of Tennessee, as they watched Brandan Wright and Thaddeus Young).Wright certainly made his case.

When you look at Wright's stat line of 26 points, 11 rebounds and 9 blocks in an 80-60 win over Kentucky's defending state champion, South Laurel, you would probably gather that he played very well. Yet his coach wasn't that impressed.

"I thought he missed too many little shots that he normally makes," Brentwood coach George Pitts said. "He didn't shoot well from the free throw line -- he's usually an excellent free throw shooter. He hit 10 out of 11 our first game but didn't shoot well today. But I thought he did run the floor pretty well."

Wright had a few dunks, including a very nice alley-oop, but the majority of his points came from turnarounds in the post. The lefty is very good at hitting the eight to ten foot jump shoot. One particular possession he went up for a shot attempt and was going to be blocked so he changed hands in mid-air and drilled a nice eight footer.

His defense stood out today as well. Wright patrolled the paint like a security guard on duty. By the start of the fourth quarter Wright already had eight blocks recorded. He is extremely long and is able to get his hands on a lot of shots around the basket.

"He's so long and he hardly ever fouls. He didn't catch any tonight, he usually catches shots," Pitts said. "Last year I can only remember him blocking one out of bounds he usually just catches them."

"If someone had told me (I was one short of a triple-double) I would have tried to block everything," Wright said postgame.

There's no doubt Wright will be a major impact player at North Carolina. And with his recruitment out of the way, Wright can focus more on his game now.

"It's a lot easier now," Wright said. "Guys were calling every week wanting the update about who's moving up and who's moving down. It took a lot of pressure off of me. But it's a fun process. I really enjoyed it myself."

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