Ingersoll: 'It Was The Right Place For Me'

Heading into the weekend, Michael Ingersoll planned to take all five of his official visits before making a final decision. However, after an official visit to Chapel Hill, Ingersoll canceled that plan and committed to North Carolina on Sunday.

"It was just the feeling I get when I was on the campus - how comfortable I was there," Ingersoll said. "Especially the way I gelled instantly with the players.

"I just felt an instant comfort there and I just had a feeling in my gut that it was the right place for me so I went off that."

Ingersoll, a 6-4, 260-pounder from Matthews (N.C.) Butler is solid on his pledge and has canceleld scheduled official visits with Duke, Vanderbilt, Virginia and NC State.

Ingersoll was joined on the official visit with friend and UNC commitment Vince Jacobs. They flew in on Friday, were picked up by head coach John Bunting, and spent the day getting a tour of the area, attending a sports psychology class and enjoying some good food.

"We ate so much food while we were there it was ridiculous," Ingersoll said. "That's probably the one thing I remember the most was all the food I ate while I was there.

The rest of the visit centered on getting to know his potential future teammates, including his vist host, Garrett Reynolds.

"Saturday I hung out with the offensive line and they showed me around the campus," Ingersoll said. "We had meetings with our positional coaches, so I met with Coach Hal Hunter. Then, we hung out with some more of the players.

"Sunday morning I had a meeting with Coach Bunting for about 15-20 minutes and that's when I committed."

In addition to bonding with current members of the Tar Heel team, Ingersoll also befriended five committed players who joined him on the visit (Jacobs, Deunta Williams, Kendrick Burney, Trevor Stuart and Zach Handerson).

"The first thing I noticed was how comfortable I was with the guys they have coming in," he said. "Me and Deunta got along real well -- and the others recruits that were there, we just had a real good time.

"It was like we were lifelong friends."

A jumbo athlete, Ingersoll is being recruited as an offensive lineman by the Tar Heels.

"Right now it's really open [along the offensive line], the focus is tackle, but there is an opportunity that I could be a center or guard, too," he said. "It just depends on where I'm needed with the personnel they have. They haven't said anything about tight ends. Right now it's offensive line all the way."

Although he played guard as a junior, Ingersoll started at tight end this past season where he caught 14 passes for 185 yards, one touchdown and a two-point conversion. He also played defensive end for Butler, which ended its season with a 10-3 record.

"I'm going to graduate June 11 and head up there for the second session of summer school," he said.

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