AAUs: JamesOn Curry Interview

GREENSBORO -- <i>IC</i>'s J.B. Cissell spoke with sophomore star JamesOn Curry at the AAU Championships this weekend.

Let's start with your name. It is pronouced James-On, is that correct?

"Yes, sir."

And that's a combination of your father's name, Leon, and your uncle's name, James, is that correct?

"Yes, sir."

I heard that one is a Carolina fan and one is a Duke fan, is that right?

"Not really. My dad grew up a David Thompson fan, a [NC] State fan."

Is it true that you wear Carolina shorts under your high school shorts?

"I have some lucky Kentucky shorts and lucky Carolina shorts, but I wasn't really a college fan. I was a player fan – Jason Williams, Joe Forte, or whoever."

I've heard you compared to Joe Forte. Would you say that's accurate?

"I think we're a little different. He's really smooth, and I handle the ball more."

I've watched you play with your AAU team over the past three weekends, and tonight was the most assertive that I've seen you on the offensive end, whether you were scoring or finding your teammates. Prior to tonight, you looked a little more passive, but tonight you scored 25 points in only three quarters. Why the difference?

"Well, I want to be a leader. Cedric is the main guy who harrasses on defense on the perimeter. I'm just the horse, and they ride the horse. I want the ball to be a leader."

So do you run the point for your high school?

"Just like AAU – 1, 2, or 3."

Why did you seem more passive the past two weeks? Tonight, it looked like you wanted the ball more.

"[My coach] knew I could score, but he wanted me to get everybody else involved and create for everybody else, and let everybody get comfortable. Then, I can do my thing. He wanted to make sure that everybody else was comfortable and would play hard. If they think you are selfish, they won't want to play, but if they are with you, they know if they will run the floor, they'll get the ball, so that makes the other team play you honest."

I know it's early, but high school guys seem to be committing the summer after their junior year. What are you looking for in a college?

"All I can say is I'd love to play with Raymond Felton. That's it. I wan't to go in and play immediately. If I keep working, I should be able to do that I think. I've got a nice head start. I sure would love to play with that man right there (pointing at Felton)."

What's makes you want to play with a guy like that?

"Because I wouldn't be the only player [drawing attention from the defense]. They'd have to respect two people, and if they play both of us honest, that's hell for them. Oops, excuse me."

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