AAUs: David Noel Interview

GREENSBORO -- David Noel spoke with <i>IC</i>'s J.B. Cissell after his Durham Eagles lost to Raymond Felton's NC Gaters on Saturday.

You asserted yourself more on offense today. By my count, you had 18 or 20 points. What factored into that?

"Well, we played a much better team today in the Greensboro Gaters. They have a lot of All-Stars. My team needed me to score this time, so I asserted myself more on offense and still do the dirty work that they need."

What did you think about your up-close look at Raymond Felton?

"He was great. He's a true point guard. He handles the ball well, and he distributed well. He's an all-around great player. I can't wait to play with him next year."

I noticed that, on a switch, the two of you were matched up, and you forced him into an air ball. That's some of the best defense that I've seen on him.

(Laughing) "Yeah, that's just one of those things that happened. I was on him, and I wanted to play good defense and let him know that I'm not a slouch. I'll be there next year, ready to play."

Did you get a chance to talk?

"We joked around a little on the court, but other than that, not that much. We haven't held a whole conversation, yet, anyway."

I saw Coach Ford come up and introduce himself. What else did he have to say?

"He was just welcoming me to the Tar Heel team next year. He just wanted to meet me face to face. Phil Ford, he's a legend at Carolina, and it was a pleasure to meet him."

He's very humble, isn't he? He came up and introduced himself, as if you wouldn't know who he is.

(Laughing) "I knew exactly who he was. When he was sitting on the bench, I was like 'I know that ain't Phil Ford!' I didn't know he was one of their coaches, here he is, and I was glad to meet him. He's a great guy."

Postscript -- Noel took the SAT last weekend because he's 10 points short, he said. While he's very confident he'll qualify, he'll take the SAT and ACT in June if the most recent attempt falls short. And, he said that if all else fails, the UNC staff will help him find a prep school.

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