Fluker-Berry Makes The Grade

When Dwight Fluker-Berry signed with the Tar Heels last February, he came up short on the academic front and had to take a prep year. So he went to Fork Union Military Academy to shore up his transcript, with the plan to enroll in Chapel Hill in 2006. While there were still questions about whether he'd be able to qualify, Fluker-Berry has put an end to any concerns, according to his coach.

"He has qualified," said FUMA coach John Shuman.

UNC head coach John Bunting received the news in person Tuesday afternoon while in town for the Fork Union combine.

"I met with Bunting yesterday and said he's got his score," Shuman noted. "Bunting said 'Ok, that's all I need to know.'"

Fluker-Berry, a 6-foot-1 200-pound safety, had a solid season at FUMA, with three sacks and three interceptions, though his playing time was reduced as a result of the team's incredible depth.

"We had nine safeties, so we had a rotation of nine people," Shuman said.

But that didn't stop the future Tar Heel from showing his potential, and Shuman said he should be able to challenge for a spot on the depth chart as soon as he arrives on campus.

"He reminds me very much of Kareen Taylor that plays safety for them," Shuman said. "They blitz him, that do a lot of stuff with him. Fluker-Berry is the same way, just like Kareen."

"He's an exciting [Division] I-A player. He's the same talent as their safeties. Kareen played for us and he's a little bigger than Kareen, but just as fast, just as heavy, and makes good plays."

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