UNC-SLU: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina head coach Roy Williams addressed the media following Wednesday night's game at the Smith Center. Read and listen to what he had to say ...

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Opening Remarks -

"It's a very fortunate win. I was really pleased with our play in the second half. I thought our passion and effort was so much better in the second half. This team has come to play every night. Even in the Illinois game I though they came to play. We didn't have that emotion in the first half of the game. They out-rebounded us by seven. We finally ended up out-rebounding them by two. We got much more effort on the boards. Second half we did a much better job getting the ball where we wanted it, not shooting the shots they wanted us to shoot. I think the first half we shot quick outside shots. In the second half we got the ball to Tyler. I thought David was sensational rebounding-wise in the second half. I thought Bobby really did a really good job except for the silly lob pass and missing Tyler on the out-of-bounds play. I thought it was a sensational night for him from the floor. And Wes gave us a big lift making some good shots."

On hurting his back -

"It's probably the most frustrating night I've ever had because I didn't feel like I was giving the club very much. I tend to be pretty competitive and pretty passionate, and I didn't feel like I was giving them very much tonight. I had a big dilemma in my mind deciding if I should stay in the locker room and let them play and let my assistant coaches [coach] -- because I have the best assistants in the world. It was hard. I had a serious spasm on Monday and didn't think anything about it. It was ok -- I did my workout Monday and Tuesday. This morning I went back into the house to pick up a pair of shoes and something happened. My back went out, that's all I can tell you, and I've been laying down since 8:00 this morning."

On Tyler's performance -

"I think he did a really nice job in the second half. I jumped him that needs to move more and be more aggressive trying to fight for position because he is a really good offensive player and abig time threat for us. He's got to understand -- still a young kid -- about working every possession, and I thought he did that in the second half and was pretty impressive."

Was it a situation where you thought your team was being outworked in the second half?

"I think we just didn't have the effort. They shot the ball really well. I'm not positive on this, but I think they were shooting 27 percent for the year from the three-point line. We either made them a lot better shooters or they liked the lighting in the Smith Center. One of the two."

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