UNC-SLU: Locker Room Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Bobby Frasor, Wes Miller, David Noel and Tyler Hansbrough spoke with the media following the game. Read and listen to what they had to say…

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On tonight's performance -

"I just try to get the ball and run the offense and get the balls to the other guys in a position where they can score. Tonight, throwing it into Tyler, he was making everything down there. And kicking it to Wes on the perimeter - I got a lot of assists just going to those two guys."

Winning the halfcourt game -

"We couldn't run like we'd like to, but it shows that we have other stuff than just running. We have sets, we have a nice offense, we move together nicely and get into a position to score."

On Roy Williams ailing -

"He was struggling - it shows his toughness ... His back was hurting and seeing him in pain and still being here motivated us."

Who takes the leadership role when the team is struggling?

"It's definitely David. He got on us at halftime, told us that we've got to pick up ... or it could get ugly and we definitely changed it up in the second half."

What specifically did you change?

"We changed the way we were guarding the post in the second half. Coaches said they were only hitting 20-something percent coming into this game, and between No. 20 and No. 21 they were on fire there in the first half. So we changed that up to stop them from getting those open threes and it really helped us. ... Instead of leaving our man and [doubling down in the post], we just let Tyler guard the big guy by himself -- and Tyler can guard anybody by himself -- so everyone was able to concentrate on their own man."


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On Coach Williams coaching through pain -

"He couldn't move like he usually does - he sucks it up and gives 100 percent anytime he does anything with this team. For him to come out and coach tonight when he was really hurting ... we can always rely on our coach. We know that."

On his role on the team -

"That's what I've been trying to do when I'm on the court - is try to be a spark on this team when I come in off the bench, make effort plays and hustle plays, and hit open shots when I can."

On the second half adjustment-

"The coaches made a great adjustment at halftime. They told us to stop going down so much and helping on the post and just stay with our own. Let the big guys guard the post by themselves. ... The adjustment helped us in the second half"


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On the identity the team has established thus far -

"We definitely built our defense. We're a defensive team because some nights we shoot the ball well and sometimes we don't, so we're going to have to rely on our defense to overcome if we have an off night."

Was the slow start a letdown from the Kentucky win?

"Yeah, I think so. As the senior leader on this team, I tried to prepare these guys to come out and play and jump on them in the first half. I wanted it to be a blowout, but they came out and withstood everything we tried to do and stayed in the game."

On playing a halfcourt pace -

"It affects our approach, especially in that they made shots. And when you make shots, it's hard to get into a running game no matter how fast we get the ball out."

On Bobby Frasor's play tonight -

"He pressured the ball, he played a lot of minutes - 12 assists and 5 steals is tough to do when you're playing that many minutes. He did a great job and as a freshman, that shows how much he's improved in the six games we've had. Bobby is going to be a great point guard for this team and is stepping it up. ... Bobby plays the game like he's a senior."


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What was the difference for you in the first and second half -

"I just felt like I wasn't doing things and moving around on offense, and then in the second half things were flowing a lot better for me."

What's going to be harder - exams or basketball?

"Exams. By far. In about 30 minutes, I'm going to be studying."

Did Coach Williams fire you up?

"The other coaches can get real fired up, too. Coach Rob got me pretty pumped up on the sideline and Dave said something at halftime that influenced us all and picked us all up. ... I can't remember it word for word, but I know he was awfully excited and I just got excited. "

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