Up Close: Vince Jacobs, Part II

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As late as the summer of 2004, North Carolina football commitment Vince Jacobs appeared headed to Appalachian State on a basketball scholarship. The Providence Day power forward averaged 9.6 points, 9.0 rebounds and three blocks per game as a junior and has decided to play again this year.

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    "I was all about basketball, basketball, basketball," Jacobs said. "But then I got into football big time. I went to some camps and got some offers, and saw that was where my strength was. I started paying attention to football, football, football."

    Fortunately for UNC, through basketball, he was already a Carolina fan. And during the recruiting process he discovered he had a much greater upside in football. He simply had more potential to separate himself from others on the gridiron than the hardwood.

    Which raises a question for both Jacobs and the Tar Heel coaches – projected as a tight end in college, will Jacobs be able to increase his body mass while running up and down the basketball court, and participating on the track team for that matter?

    "That's something me and my dad have talked about – not losing touch with football this winter," Jacobs said. "I need to stay healthy and gain as much weight as possible, even though that's kind of hard to do during basketball season."

    Jacobs said if he isn't able to put on another 20-25 pounds between now and next fall, he may have to start out as a wide receiver at Carolina. But while his height and athleticism will make him a future threat at either position, the UNC coaches believe his 4.65 speed is more suited to tight end.

    "That's one of my main priorities…to make sure I'm not losing weight," Jacobs said.

    "He's got a lot of room to put on weight," added Chargers coach Keith Flynn. "His father is a big man."

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