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Lamarcus Aldridge
6-10, 215 pounds
Seagoville (TX)

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9/27: "Florida and Arkansas are the leaders right now," Aldridge said. "I don't think about [the NBA], but if it happens and I'm definitely a first-round pick, I'll go." ... (Aldridge looking elsewhere)

7/14: "Another player who's riding a wave of momentum is junior big man LaMarcus Aldridge. The 6-10 BF/C from Dallas (TX) Seagoville looks casual in loping down the floor, but a few seconds later he's several steps ahead of the pack. He's very light on his feet and runs on his toes, and he's extremely reliable finishing inside. Aldridge also has good jump shooting form, despite falling prey to inconsistency at this point in his career. He also needs to diversify his offensive game on the block and, most of all, put on muscle. But he's clearly a top-10 -- and probably top-five -- prospect in the Class of 2004." -- Rob Harrington at the Three Stripes Classic, Prep Stars (link)

7/11: Prep Stars analyst Brick Oettinger, and the All Star Report's lead analyst Rob Matera, both ranked Aldridge the No. 1 underclassman at the ABCD Camp.

7/9: "I hung out with the coaches, I hung out with the players and played some pickup, and I met with the academic counselor," he said of his visit to UNC. "It was nice - it was really nice. Nice facilities, nice practice gym. I liked it. I had to hold back [from committing]. I don't want to commit too early. I want to wait until at least my junior year." ... Aldridge would go on to say in the interview with IC that he's got a top 3, with UNC leading Florida and Arkansas. (ABCD: Lamarcus Aldridge Spotlight)

6/11: Aldridge is on the NC State campus today, having visited Duke on Sunday night and UNC yesterday.

The biggest news of note for Carolina fans is that, according to Mitch Malone, Aldridge's AAU coach who is accompanying him on the vist, North Carolina offered a scholarship to Aldridge during yesterday's visit. Sources close to the UNC basketball program confirm the scholarship offer.

Malone, who has helping Aldridge with his recruitment, said Texas and Florida have also offered scholarships -- and one from Duke is expected soon.

"There's no need to have open recruiting for this kid," Malone said, as he plans to cut the list down to eight before ABCD Camp.

"This kid is better than [Kenyon Martin and Chris Bosh] at this stage," added Malone, who coached both Martin and Bosh. "He'll be a special player and have a chance to go to the NBA straight out of high school."

Next up for Aldridge is the Texas team camp this weekend, and a visit to Miami in the next couple of weeks.

6/9: Aldridge arrived in the Triangle this evening, accompanied by his AAU coach Mitch Malone. Aldridge plans to take an unofficial visit to UNC tomorrow (Monday) and will also visit Duke before returning home. Stay tuned to IC for the latest.

6/6: "It's still North Carolina. Iowa State is going hard [after me] now. OU is going hard now. That's like the top two [others] right now. Everybody else is calming down now, but Texas." ... (Lamarcus Aldridge update)

4/22-4/26: IC's David Thompson put together a five-part feature on Aldridge ...

"My greatest strength is playing the post, dunking, blocking shots, post moves. Hard work. When I first got here I didn't have any post moves. It took hard work to learn how to time and block shots. Playing against bigger people, I had to put in the work. To me it's natural. I feel like I was made to play basketball, so I play it." -- Interview with Lamarcus Aldridge

"Lamarcus wants to make a decision as soon as possible. In fact, he's already made it known that the only school that he wants to attend is the University of North Carolina. That's been his life-long dream and he's not going to be deterred." -- Interview with Aldridge's coach

"You would think a kid being his size would be clumsy but Lamarcus is really coordinated. He's really agile. I think that's the first thing you notice about him as he's running up and down the floor is how agile he is." -- Interview with Aldridge's asst. coaches

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3/21: Aldridge's final sophomore season stats, according to the Dallas Morning News -- 22.0 points (86.6% FG, 58.3% FT), 9.8 rebounds, 5.4 blocks.

3/1: Despite a sizzling 26-point performance on perfect shooting by UNC target Lamarcus Aldridge, (11/11 fg and 4-4 from the free throw line), Dallas Seagoville (TX) fell, 71-64, to Dallas South Oak Cliff (TX) on Tuesday night in the Texas 4A regional quarterfinals ... (Lamarcus Aldridge: Game Report, Photo Gallery)

2/26: The agile 6-10 sophomore has caught the eye of the North Carolina coaching staff. And the feeling is extremely mutual - as mutual and determined as feelings can be for a 15-year-old. When asked about North Carolina, Lamarcus said, "That's where I want to go. It's a great school; that's where I want to go ... No matter what kind of year they're having, they're my school and that's where I'm going... other schools are interested,but I'm not talking to them -- I'm going to North Carolina." (Introducing Lamarcus Aldridge)

And here's a first-look set of photos -- (Lamarcus Aldridge Photo Gallery)

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