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JamesOn Curry
6-2, 160 pounds
E. Alamance (NC)

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6/15: Curry committed on Saturday while in town on the unofficial visit.

"I was thinking about it," Curry told IC. "I don't want to go far from home, and I liked everything about North Carolina. I went around campus, talked to the coaches, saw the Dean Dome. They even made a jersey for me. It was like, there ain't nothing else they can do - it was right."

6/14: Watch Curry show off his picture-perfect jump shot and fancy dribbling skills ... Video: JamesOn at the YMCA

6/13: " ... On the offensive end, where Curry gets his accolades, he hit a couple of threes, a mid-range jumper and two quick, nifty finishes around the hoop. His big offensive outburst came in the third quarter ..." (Five Star Camp Report)

6/12: According to Curry and his mother, they'll be unofficially visiting Chapel Hill on Saturday.

6/4: "... he opens his first game by swishing a preposterous 18-foot fadeaway jumper with a hand in his face - from an angle behind the backboard. Several minutes later, he palmed the ball in a swinging motion behind his back that was so inconceivable that a member of the opposing team called a carry ..." (JamesOn at the YMCA)

5/30: "Curry knows how to create space to shoot and he has a scorer's mindset. He's confident on the floor and motors up the court very quickly in transition. He's a smooth ball-handler that uses changing speeds, cross-overs and stop and starts to keep his defenders off balance. ..." (TOC: Clint's Props and Knocks, Part II)

5/26: Analysis, stats, quotes and photos on Curry at the Tournament of Champions. (TOC: JamesOn Curry Spotlight)

5/12: "All I can say is I'd love to play with Raymond Felton. That's it. I wan't to go in and play immediately. If I keep working, I should be able to do that I think. I've got a nice head start. I sure would love to play with that man right there (pointing at Felton)." ... (AAUs: JamesOn Curry Interview)

3/26: Curry was named NCHSAA 2A Mr. Basketball last night.

3/6: "Not to be conceited," he said, "but when I put my mind to it, I can do anything. If it takes stopping the best player on the other team, I can do it. But I don't think I have to put on a show. If I play the way I play, people will get their money's worth." (link)

3/5: "Curry excels at creating his own shot and has one of the best strokes on the high school level," writes Clint Jackson. "Off a screen, from the baseline, from the top of the key or with defenders all over him, Curry can torch the nylon from anywhere. Needless to say, all of the big time programs in his area will wage a big effort for his signature in the next couple of years. (link)

2/17: "Some people are born followers," Curry said. "Some are born leaders. I was a born to lead a team." (link)

2/12: Curry was in attendance at the Dean Dome the other night for the UNC-Maryland game. He's been to numerous Tar Heels games in the last two years.

2/10: "Last year at this time, if you had asked me that, my answer to you would have been point guard, but after this summer, going to Hampton-Sydney Shooting Camp, going to Five Star, going to team camp, going to Nike, going to state games, going to these one day shootout things, coming back and doing what he's doing now, I would say that he would be a shooting guard in college. However, I would probably, if I were a coach or recruiter, say that he could be a combo guard -- he could be a shooting guard, and if he needed to play the point, he could play the point." ... (Interview with JamesOn's coach)

2/10: Inside Carolina's Jeff Markman and Sherrell McMillan traveled to Mebane, N.C. last night to watch in-state sophomore JamesOn Curry. The following report includes quotes, analysis, photos and stats. -- "Curry's skills are that of a consummate scorer; he has a beautiful arcing jump shot and the ability to create enough space for himself to let it fly from beyond NBA range and in. ..." (JamesOn Curry Report)

1/18: IC's Clint Jackson introduces the local star, who was offered a scholarship by the Tar Heels last week -- "With that kid -- it's not that he's a big time point guard," says one major college assistant coach. "It's that he's a big time shooter, scorer. He just creates so much by himself. It's like there's really no way to defend a kid like that. He really understands how to score. How to get his shot off and he can flat stroke it. From deep, from the corners, from the elbows, in the lane -- he fills it up." ... (Tar Heels target JamesOn)

1/17: It was a big night Tuesday for sophomore guard JamesOn Curry of Eastern Alamance, N.C. He entered the ballgame against High Point Andrews with 998 career points. When it was all over, he upped his total to 1,043 points. He's also the owner of a major Division I scholarship offer (from UNC). "I'm speechless," Curry said ... (link)

9/11: He's a big-time scorer who creates shots for himself and one of trademarks is his ability to create separation to get long and mid-range jumpers off," writes Dave Telep. "He's also a fine assist man and looks like the top sophomore in North Carolina." (link)

7/10: "The great young talent with the funny name is a lighting-quick rising sophomore who controls the tempo like a more experienced player," Rob Harrington wrote at the Nike Camp. "Don't back off of him, because you will pay the price when he sticks a three in your face. Curry has not backed down from anybody and looks to have only gotten more comfortable (and effective) as camp went on."

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