Marvin Sanders Q&A

While out on the road recruiting, UNC defensive coordinator Marvin Sanders addressed the media via conference call Monday to discuss his decision to remain in Chapel Hill. Read and listen to what he had to say ...

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    Opening Remarks
    "After consulting with my family, Coach [John] Bunting and Dick Baddour, I really think it's in the best interest for me to stay at Carolina."

    What other opportunities did you have?
    "I had a job opportunity in the Big 12 Conference to become the defensive coordinator."

    Was that Kansas State or Texas A&M?
    "I prefer not to comment on the school, because they're still in the hiring process. But it was a prominent school in the Big 12, yet I still think the best place for me and my family is Carolina."

    Was this strictly financial? Did Carolina give you the best package or are the other things involved in this?
    "First, it had nothing to do with the financial aspect. No. 1, it had to do with my belief in John Bunting and direction he's taking this football program. I know we're going to continue to grow. And the second main factor is Dick Baddour – his unwavering commitment to see this football program achieve at its highest level. When you have that support from the highest level and believe in a coach you know has the program going in the right direction, that's something I want to be a part of for a long time."

    What can you say about your pending contract extension?
    "We have an agreement in principle right now. There nothing that has been signed or finalized, so right now I'd like to hold off on (answering question)."

    How difficult was it and how much time did you spend actually weighing your decision?
    "I can't tell you exactly how much time I've spent. When the job offer came, I immediately took it to my family to see their initial thoughts on it. Then I brought it to Coach Bunting. As far as the time frame, it wasn't long. I just wanted to visit with Coach Bunting and talk with him more in detail."

    When was the offer extended?
    "About mid-week."

    How much of a factor was finishing what you started – you were up to 45th nationally defensively – just trying to build on something here?
    "Yes it was. I had an opportunity to visit with some of the players here, and I really believe in our team and our coaching staff. I'm speaking for our defense, but I think we have a great coaching staff and very good group of players that believe in what we're doing. And I think we've started something real special. That was something we talked about as a family as well."

    How many schools have you had conversations with in the last couple of weeks?
    "I've had a conversation with two schools total about their openings at the defensive coordinator position."

    How confident are you that you will stay at UNC until a head coaching position arises?
    "I'm saying right now, until a head coaching job comes along, it's about a 99 percent chance that I will be here. Or either they've had enough of me, or something else like (a head coaching job) comes along."

    What other things strike you about North Carolina?
    "Living in Chapel Hill. The school system for my kids something we discussed about the educational system. Chapel Hill is second to none. Some of the responses I've gotten from people throughout the community who support the football program. And not only that, they supported whatever decision I was going to come up with. That showed how much people in this state care about Carolina. So, there are a lot of things I could get into, but it's just a feeling. It's funny, my wife said to me this morning, ‘Honey, I feel good because there is something about Carolina.'"

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