Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts of what he said on the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On his back injury –

"There are a lot more important things about North Carolina Basketball... It's getting better, but it's not where I want it to be by any means. It's not very comfortable – I've been treated like a prima donna. I'm getting two or three treatments a day. But by golly, it hurts – that's the biggest thing. But I do think it's getting better. Now I can walk, get up by myself … but the bottom line is it just hurts. About ten years ago I hurt it on the beach, that was the first time I hurt it. … It hasn't been that bad, and since I've come back to Chapel Hill, this was the only time it's really bothered me. I told Wanda that between the vertigo and my back, it's been a tough three seasons for the old boy. But I'd rather it be happening to me than some of those guys who are important."

On this week's schedule for the team –

"[Exams] is our first priority. We practiced Saturday, didn't practice [Sunday]. We got the guys together and did some shopping for one of the charity things we do. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we'll bring them in for 45 minutes of running and shooting – they've got to come in two of those three days. We'll get back together on Thursday and hope to have great practices Thursday and Friday and get ready for a team that wiped us pretty good last year."

On Santa Clara –

"The big fella' just tore us up last year and we've got to do a good job on him. Of the top three scorers, two of them are gone, but the big guy that killed us for 20-something is back. We've got to do a better job. Dick Davey is one of the quality people in coaching. A guy I really, really enjoy. I like him so much I was in the California area and needed one more guy to play Cypress Point and I called him. So that tells you he's pretty high on my list."

On Marcus Ginyard –

"He comes from a basketball family. His older brother was his assistant coach … Marcus himself is just that kind of individual who wants to be the best player he can be and wants to be a complete and total really good all-around basketball. Before he ever got here, I said I thought he was going to be a good defensive player and he hasn't done one thing to make me feel that was a bad assessment. And I think he's getting better and better as he goes along."

On Quentin Thomas' status –

"We did the running and shooting today and Quentin went through the workout. It's not anything like a regular practice, so for me I'll be really interested to see how he reacts tomorrow and the next day and see what kind of pain he has. But he does say it feels much better than it has in a long time. I'm hopeful he'll be ready to play some minutes for us on Saturday."

On Bobby Frasor –

"He's a steady youngster, a gym rat, a coach's son. He is a youngster who thinks the game a great deal … has an ability to shoot the ball. If we can get him to have a consistent base where he has better balance, he's going to make a heck of a lot of shots. … With experience he's going to get stronger, even quicker and be able to push the ball even better than he does now. "

On football players joining the basketball team –

"Jesse Holley will not be playing with the basketball team. … I don't think we'll have anyone from football [joining us] this year."

On playing in Charlotte in the future –

"We have a lot of conversations where to play and trying to spread us around the state and yet I can't tell you an exact plan of playing games in Charlotte or Greensboro. … There's no question we're continuing to have those discussions and periodically we will be playing games in Charlotte – we just don't have a concrete plan for that right now."

On implementing the entire playbook this season –

"We've got some more offensive things that we can do, and we still haven't done a couple things I want to do out of bounds and underneath on the defensive end of the floor. Basically the defensive package is all there, it's just we haven't worked on it enough to do it all the time in a game. We have a halfcourt trap defensively that we used last year that we'll eventually bring out. But I'm one of those guys who thinks we've got to build a strong foundation and that's what we're trying to do – we're being so repetitive with our defensive drills right now."

"Roy Williams Live" airs Monday evenings on Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates.

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