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CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--David Noel talks to the media prior to UNC's game against Santa Clara.

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How have you looked at your role this year?
"I've just looked at it as try to get what you can get within the flow of the game. Don't try to go out and force anything, because that's definitely going to take away from other people's games. I'm not the type that's going to go out and try to get 30 points a game. I'm the type that will play within the flow of the game and hopefully get my teammates involved more. I think that makes for a better team atmosphere than anything."

What does "leadership" mean to you?
"Growing up, you really didn't know what leadership meant. All you thought was that's probably the best player on the team. Now when you get older and in that position, there's more to being a leader than just the best player on the team. You have to come to practice every day focused. You have to do the little things you might not have had to do throughout your careers. So it's definitely a situation where the leadership role has changed a lot in my mind since I've grown."

Is this a role you enjoy?
"Definitely, for the simple fact that I'm an outgoing person and I love to have fun, act silly and things like that. If I can bring something like that to this team, then that's definitely bringing a positive atmosphere. And that's something that Coach wants and something that all our players want. We just want to be out there everyday with a great attitude, ready to learn and listen."

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