UNC-SCU: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--The Tar Heel head coach spoke to the media following Carolina's win over Santa Clara.

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That was a pretty good night for us, really. Defensively, I thought we were good except for getting box outs. They had 22 offensive rebounds. We can't allow that to happen. They are a very scrappy basketball team that plays that plays with a lot of effort and intensity.

I think we did some nice things on the defensive end of the floor. We had balanced scoring. It was good to have Q back out there to give Bobby a breather at times, but I really disliked our focus on the defensive end of the floor. We tried to do a much better job on Travis, needless to say, than we did last year, and I think we did a much better job there. He's the kind of guy--I didn't know why they were booing until somebody said it was the way he threw the ball off of David that time. I told him if people were booing him in another arena it means you are pretty dog-gone good. He kicked our tails last year so luckily we are not sitting here talking about that.

I think David Noel really did a nice job trying to take away the right shoulder turn when he had it inside, tried to take away the left-hand drive when he had it medium post or out on the floor, but overall I think it was a good effort for us, particularly since we had been in exams all week, and Bobby and Tyler had an exam at 12:00 today. I feel pretty dog-gone good about it, the kids feel pretty good. We've got to make a little bit of a trip tomorrow and play a little bit more before we go see Santa Claus.

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