Scouting DeMarcus Nelson

After introducing star sophomore guard DeMarcus Nelson earlier this week, now we'll take a closer look at the 2004 Carolina target, with analysis from the people who are most familiar with his game.

DeMarcus Nelson
6-3, 190
Class of 2004

27.5 PPG
14 RPG

"DeMarcus is a big-time athlete with extremely long arms. He is very explosive. He's a decent shooter who has the ability to be a great, great defender but just needs to utilize his abilities on the defensive side of the ball. He is a great kid." – Division I assistant coach

"He's very confident. He started for us as a freshman last year and was the only returning player. He scored 903 points this season, which is unheard of in this area as a sophomore. A lot of people think he's a gunner, but he only takes 17-22 shots per game. He does everything – he's very aggressive and is smart on the floor. His only weakness is that he gets winded, because he always wants to take the top player defensively. He never wants to back down or slow down." – Vallejo coach Duke Brown

"I'm a pretty big guard. I lift weights a lot and my strength is probably my biggest advantage. I take the easy shots if they're there, but if the 3 is open, I'll take it. But if I can get by someone and get to the hoop, I will. Contact is a big thing to me. … I think my natural position might be the 2, but I can play the 1 just as well. … To me, the weakest part of my game is ballhandling, but I'm working on it – along with my defense. I don't want to be a one-dimensional player." – DeMarcus Nelson

"He's a lot like Jason Williams and Raymond Felton. He's strong, powerful and can make plays. He can shoot, handle the ball and is a terrific athlete. He played five games for us in Houston and hit shots at the appropriate times. He really responds well to pressure. From a point-guard standpoint, he's pretty well-rounded and doesn't really have many weaknesses. The only thing is that he's not an exceptional ball-handler. He's solid." – Belmont Shore AAU coach Dinos Trigonis

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