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From the ACC Sports Journal --

"You can forget about the recruiting, and you can forget about the coaching," the former coach said. "Every coach I know says (Doherty) is an outstanding recruiter, and it's hard to get coaches to agree on anything. He actually has some coaches – mad is not the right word, but not happy – about how much he recruits, how visible he is everywhere. He's like (Florida's) Billy Donovan out there, how hard he works it. Coaches are people, too. They like to golf, have dinner, rub elbows, relax a bit. He seems to be all work all the time (on the recruiting trail), and they don't necessarily want the bar to be raised that high. If I'm a UNC fan, I'm not at all worried about Matt Doherty's ability to get players.

"Everyone I know also says he's a good young coach. He'll get better, as all coaches do with experience. He's made some mistakes, but whoever said he's in over his head was probably not a basketball person, because that's simply not true to anyone who's watching. He's learned from some great coaches, he's a very smart guy, and he knows what he's doing. He teaches his own version of a rock-solid and time-tested system. It wins, and he's won with it. I don't think that's a problem.

"What I've been told by (UNC) people is that his biggest challenge is being more careful with some of his decisions and some of his habits and the effect they have on the people around him. I'm talking about with the players themselves, and away from the court with others. He certainly has alienated some people who matter, and that's never a good thing. From what I've been told, Matt has admitted that he needs to make some important changes, and he's already made a number of changes in these first two years. But I'm not there, so I can't tell you exactly what went wrong or what exactly needs to change."

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From Basketball Times --

The nature of the collapse – so many games in which the Heels simply weren't competitive — has questions swirling around the program that has stood so proud for so long. They concern what happened in the transition from Smith to longtime assistant Bill Guthridge to current coach Matt Doherty, hired with just one year of head coaching experience at Notre Dame. They are concerned about what will happen now, with Doherty at the helm, recruiting as well as anyone in the nation but learning as he goes.

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