DT Terry Hunter Commits!

<i>Inside Carolina</i> has confirmed that Terry Hunter, a defensive tackle out of Wendell (NC) East Wake, has committed to North Carolina. Hunter was interviewed back in April and May by IC's Mark Ellington. IC will try and catch up with Hunter tonight to get his comments on the committment.

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Terry Hunter is a defensive tackle out of Wendell (NC) East Wake High School. His impressive performance last season has several schools pitching offers including UNC. Hunter was interviewed back in April and Mark Ellington chatted recently with him for a brief update.

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Inside Carolina: It's good talking to you Terry. Last time we checked in you had offers from UNC, NCST, Wake, and TN. Is that still true?
Terry Hunter: Yes sir. That is still true.

IC: Who else is recruiting you now?
Hunter: FSU, MD, and Clemson.

IC: You told us last time that UNC and NCST were your two favorites. Anything change?
Hunter: Those are my two favorites but Wake Forest is only slightly behind those two.

IC: What is UNC saying to you these days?
Hunter: They are saying that since they lost Peppers and Sims that they could use some DL help.

IC: What are the main things you are looking at in a school now?
Hunter: Mainly academics. I want to go some place that has a good academic situation for me.

******* Interview from April 12, 2002******

Inside Carolina: Thanks for talking with us Terry. Did you have a favorite team growing up?
Terry Hunter: Not really. I pulled mainly for UNC and NCST.

IC: Is that why UNC and NCST are your two favorite teams (in terms of choosing a school) now?
Hunter: Partially and I would really like to stay in-state so that my family can watch me play.

IC: Do you plan on attending any camps this summer?
Hunter: I plan on attending both the UNC and NCST camps.

IC: Which team is recruiting you the hardest?
Hunter: Both UNC and NCST are recruiting me the hardest.

IC: Are those two schools recruiting you equally hard?
Hunter: Yes

IC: Who is your primary recruiter for UNC?
Hunter: Coach Kenny Browning

IC: Did you enjoy the NIKE camp?
Hunter: Yes, I learned a lot. We work on different techniques for staying low and getting underneath the opposing lineman's pads.

IC: Was that your first visit to Chapel Hill?
Hunter: I had been before on a non-football related visit but this was the first time for anything like this.

IC: What are your thoughts of the campus, stadium, and facilities.
Hunter: I was impressed with everything about UNC. It was pretty awesome.

IC: What other schools have you visited?
Hunter: State, Duke and ECU.

IC: What are your thoughts of the Carolina football team?
Hunter: I thought they were pretty good last year but I think they are really a team that is on the rise. I look for them to improve every year.

IC: Have you met the UNC coaching staff?
Hunter: Yes, I have met all the coaches at Carolina.

IC: How did you like them?
Hunter: I liked them all. Coach Bunting has a good sense of humor and is a real nice guy.

IC: What is the best part of your game?
Hunter: I am quick off the line so I think that is the best part of my game.

IC: What would you like to improve?
Hunter: Mainly trying to stay low.

IC: Does your family have a preference where you play?
Hunter: No, they are supporting me wherever I go. I plan on staying in-state so that they can see me play.

IC: Do you play other sports?
Hunter: I play basketball and in track I perform the shot put and the discuss.

IC: Do you have hobbies outside of sports?
Hunter: I play video games and hang out outside with friends some.

IC: Have you decided on a major yet?
Hunter: I am not really sure yet.

IC: When do you think that you will decide?
Hunter: Probably not until after the season.

IC: Thanks again for talking with us Terry.

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