TOC Schedule

The schedule for this coming weekend's Tournament of Champions was released this afternoon, as follows. We'll have more in the coming days about which players to watch.

Friday Evening
5:00 pm
Smith 1 - Mississippi Rise & Shine vs. Copper State All Stars
Smith 2 - Atlanta Celtics Black vs. Jackson Panthers
Smith 3 - Playaz Gold vs. Middlesex Magic
UNC Car - Nova United vs. West Virginia Mohawks
Cameron - Springfield, MO Heat vs. Ontario Wildhawks

6:30 pm
Smith 1 - NC Gaters vs. Team Texas Elite
Smith 2 - Raleigh Heat vs. Team Minnesota
Smith 3 - Alabama Ice vs. New Orleans Jazz
UNC Car - Kappa Magic vs. Tennessee Travelers
Cameron - Ft. Sooy No Limit vs. Coast-to-Coast
Card Gym - Playaz Black vs. Champion Sports (UT)
Wilson 1 - Atlanta Celtics Gold vs. Seatle Team YES 16
Wilson 2 - East Coast Eagles (VA) vs. Pittsburgh Jots
Reynolds - Los Angeles Rockfish vs. Derek Smith All-Stars

8:00 pm
Smith 1 - Beach Ball Select vs. Gary Payton Seatle All Stars
Smith 2 - Michigan Hurricanes vs. Miami Tropics
Smith 3 - Southeast Pump and Run vs. Fox Valley Skillz
UNC Car - Ft. Worth Lions vs. Atlanta Prep Stars
Cameron - Illinois Fire vs. N.C. Red Storm
Card Gym - Fairfax Stars vs. Raleigh's Finest
Wilson 1 - Central Florida Force vs. Team Richmond
Wilson 2 - Texas Top Prospects vs. South Carolina Hoopsters
Reynolds - Southern California All Stars vs. New Jersey Celtics
Mt. Zion - Seatle Team YES 17 vs. Warriors Elite (NC)

9:30 pm
Smith 1 - Long Island Panthers vs. Topp Sports (SC)
Smith 2 - Hunting Park (PA) vs. North Greenville (SC)
Smith 3 - Baltimore Select vs. Cleveland Basketball Club 16
UNC Car - Georgia Elite vs. Charlotte Nets
Cameron - Georgia Stars vs. DC Team Assault
Card Gym - Houston Select vs. Belmont Shore
Wilson 1 - Worldwide Renegades vs. Columbus Blazers
Reynolds - New York Ravens vs. Cleveland Basketball Club 17

8:30 am
NCST Car 1 - Raleigh's Finest vs. Atlanta Celtics Gold
NCST Car 2 - Champion Sports (UT) vs. Raleigh Heat
CH HS 1 - Team Minnesota vs. Playaz Black
CH HS 2 - Derek Smith All Stars vs. Atlanta Celtics Black
ECH HS - New Orlean Jazz vs. Kappa Magic
Mt. Zion - Jackson Panthers vs. Los Angeles Rockfish
Cary Acad - Miami Tropics vs. Houston Select

10:00 am
Cameron - Middlesex Magic vs. Southeast Pump 'N Run
NCST Car 1 - West Virginia Mohawks vs. Texas Top Prospects
NCST Car 2 - Team Richmond vs. Springfield, MO Heat
CH HS 1 - Fox Valley Skillz vs. Playaz Gold
CH HS 2 - Copper State All Stars (AZ) vs. Baltimore Select
ECH HS - DC Team Assault vs. Long Island Panthers
Mt. Zion - Mississippi Rise and Shine vs. Cleveland Baskvetball Club 16
Cary Acad - South Carolina Hoopsters vs. NOVA United

11:30 am
Smith 1 - NC Red Storm vs. Southern Cal. All Stars
UNC Car - New Jersey Celtics vs. Illinois Fire
Cameron - Belmont Shore vs. Michigan Hurricanes
Card Gym - Columbus Blazers vs. Seatle Team YES 17
Wilson 1 - Topp Sports (SC) vs. Georgia Stars
Wilson 2 - Coast-to-Coast vs. New York Ravens
Reynolds - Charlotte Nets vs. Hunting Park (PA)
NCST Car 2 - Fairfax Stars vs. Seatle Team YES 16
CH HS 1 - North Greenville (SC) vs. Georgia Elite
CH HS 2 - Ontario Wildhawks vs. Central Florida Force
Cary Acad - Atlanta Prep Stars vs. East Coast Eagles (VA)

2:00 pm
Smith 1 - Pittsburgh Jots vs. Ft. Worth Lions
Smith 2 - Warriors Elite (NC) vs. Worldwide Renegades
Smith 3 - Team Texas Elite vs. Beach Ball Select
UNC Car - Gary Payton Seatle All Stars vs. NC Gaters
Cameron - Tennessee Travelers vs. Alabama Ice
Reynolds - Baltimore Select vs. Mississippi Rise and Shine
NCST Car 1 - Copper State All Stars (AZ) vs. Cleveland Basketball 16

3:20 pm
Smith 1 - Cleveland Basketball 17 vs. Ft. Sooy No Limit
Smith 2 - Playaz Gold vs. Southeast Pump 'N Run
Smith 3 - Michigan Hurricanes vs. Houston Select
UNC Car - Springfield, MO Heat vs. Central Florida Force
Cameron - Atlanta Celtics Black vs. Los Angeles Rockfish
Reynolds - Long Island Panthers vs. Georgia Stars
Cary Acad - Raleigh's Finest vs. Seatle Team YES 16

4:40 pm
Smith 1 - Fox Valley Skillz vs. Middlesex Magic
Smith 2 - Derek Smith All Stars vs. Jackson Panthers
Smith 3 - Alabama Ice vs. Kappa Magic
UNC Car - Belmont Shore vs. Miami Tropics
Cameron - Southern California All Stars vs. Illinois Fire
Card Gym - Tennessee Travelers vs. New Orleans Jazz
Wilson 1 - Ft. Worth Lions vs. East Coast Eagles (VA)
Wilson 2 - NC Red Storm vs. New Jersey Celtics
Reynolds - DC Team Assault vs. Topp Sports
NCST Car 1 - Hunting Park vs. Georgia Elite
NCST Car 2 - Charlotte Nets vs. North Greenville
CH HS 1 - South Carolina Hoopsters vs. West Virginia Mohawks
CH HS 2 - Pittsburgh Jots vs. Atlanta Prep Stars
ECH HS - Playaz Black vs. Raleigh Heat
Mt. Zion - Warriors Elite (NC) vs. Columbus Blazers
Cary Acad - Team Minnesota vs. Champion Sports (UT)

7:00 pm
Smith 1 - Beach Ball Select vs. NC Gaters
Smith 2 - Ft. Sooy No Limit vs. New York Ravens
Smith 3 - NOVA United vs. Texas Top Prospects
UNC Car - Atlanta Celtics Gold vs. Fairfax Stars
Cameron - Team Texas Elite vs. Gary Payton Seatle All Stars
Card Gym - Cleveland Basketball Club 17 vs. Coast-to-Coast
Reynolds - Worldwide Renegades vs. Seatle Team YES 17
Cary Acad - Team Richmond vs. Ontario Wildhawks

9:00 am
Smith 1 - National Quarterfinal - Pool B vs. Pool D
Smith 2 - National Quarterfinal - Pool C vs. Pool E
Smith 3 - National Quarterfinal - Pool A vs. Pool F
UNC Car - Select Quarterfinal - Pool I vs. Pool L
Cameron - National Quarterfinal - Pool G vs. Pool H
Card Gym - Select Quarterfinal - Pool K vs. Pool J
Wilson 1 - Select Quarterfinal - Pool O vs. Pool N
Reynolds - Select Quarterfinal - Pool M vs. Pool P

12:00 pm
Smith 1 - National Semifinal - Pool B/D winner vs. Pool G/H winner
Smith 2 - Select Semifinal - Pool I/L winner vs. Pool M/P winner
Smith 3 - Select Semifinal - Pool K/J winner vs. Pool O/N winner
Cameron - National Semifinal - Pool C/E winner vs. Pool A/F winner

4:00 PM
Smith 1 - National Championship
Smith 3 - Select Championship

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