UNC-UNCA: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams addressed the media on Wednesday following the Tar Heels' 89-47 win over UNC-Asheville at the Smith Center…

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Opening remarks
"Well, needless to say we fell a lot better than we did after the Southern Cal game the other night. I thought we were really active defensively in the first half. If we had been flying around and having that kind of intensity last Wednesday,the outcome would have been a lot better. I really wanted to focus on getting that bad taste out of our mouth and I think for the most part we did that. But the thing about basketball, it doesn't do any good, they still got their tails beat last Wednesday.

"But it was a tough night for Asheville to catch us coming off that loss and playing the way we did. So again, I really though the whole thing was our defensive intensity and forcing turnovers. We didn't shoot the ball very well the entire game and didn't make good decisions with the ball in the second half and turned it over too much. But I guess it's always difficult when you've got a big lead to keep the same intensity and concentration that you did in the first half.

"I thought Tyler [Hansbrough] was really active defensively – eight steals, I think the school record is nine. I would like for him, when he does make those steals, to make better decisions on the break. I thought David [Noel] gave us great leadership. First possession of the game set the tone. We missed three in a row and had three offensive rebounds. I thin that again set the tone for us and our athleticism was going to be the most important part of the game."

On returning to practice on Monday
"I think we responded well. It wasn't one of those hide the women and children kinds of practices like it was in Maui last year. But it was a good solid, hard practice. We ran up and down the court several times. We made them watch the first half of the tape. We came back Sunday night and go home Monday for our first practice at 8:30 p.m. We watched the first half of the USC game and then practiced. Tuesday morning, we watched the second half and then waited and didn't watch any UNCA tape until we came back to practice Tuesday afternoon. But I do think they reacted pretty well. But, again, we caught Asheville at a good time. They played a difficult schedule, difficult people on the road. Now we've got to get ready because we've got a fantastic Davidson team, a fantastic Arizona team and 16 conference games."

On eight players with assists and eight with steals
"I think that we did share the ball very well. We missed seven of our last eight. I don't like that part. I do think that we shared the ball well and again, it started with our defense. I talked to a media person this week and they said, ‘People talk of Roy Williams and our coaching staff and they talk of fast break basketball.' The always think I am a defensive coach and it always starts on the defensive end for us. We spend a heck of a lot more time there. The defensive part of it, we like to think we have a pretty good scheme covering up for people. The on the offensive end, if teammates are open, we are throwing them the ball. I think we did pass the ball really well."

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