UNC-UNCA: Locker Room Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina players Tyler Hansbrough, David Noel, Reyshawn Terry, Marcus Ginyard and Bobby Frasor addressed the media following the game…

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When did you know you had tied a Smith Center record with eight steals?
"I had no idea until Coach [Roy Williams] said something to me on the bench."

Do you relish the chance to run the break after you get a steal?
"Yeah, I like to get up and down. So I didn't want to slow us down by pulling the ball out and waiting for somebody. I just wanted to go ahead and lead the break. I've been doing it a lot. It's just something that just kind of come natural because I don't want to slow down anybody. I just want to go. I just want to run."

What was practice like after last week? Was it tougher?
"Definitely, anytime after a loss you want to come back and practice real hard. You want to try and make up for the things that you didn't do in a game. It was really something where everybody on our team was down about the loss and we just wanted to improve. Just to come out as a team and get some of that behind us."

What do you still want to work on?
"I just need to work harder to get open in the post, run a lot more, and basically play a lot better defense. And I need to have better movement."

BOBBY FRASOR – Audio (2:31)

Was it good to have a little break after the USC game?
"It was nice to get away and cool down a little bit. But when we came back, it was definitely a tough practice. It was definitely very competitive and we tried to run as hard as we could."

Did your dad have any tips for you after the USC game?
"He had tips, and yeah, he recorded the game. I watched it again, but I didn't really want to talk about it. It really left a bad feeling in my stomach. It didn't ruin my holiday, but it was not as enjoyable as it could have been."

Did you take that game somewhat personal?
"Having seven turnovers in a game is definitely unacceptable, so I was very frustrated with myself. I just want to come out and never let that happen again. I can't take the whole blame for the loss. We didn't play well as a team. We didn't execute and we didn't play hard. But I was definitely frustrated with my play."

MARCUS GINYARD – Audio (1:15)

"Looking ahead at the teams we have to play…if we don't keep that level up in the next month or two, we've got some tough teams coming up and we've got to keep it going."

Ever been in a game where your starting center had eight steals?
"No, and I wouldn't mind seeing it happen again. I take my hat off to Tyler. He played as hard as you could tonight and I'm glad he got rewarded for it."

Why was he able to do that?
"He just felt like he was rebounding the ball. He saw that ball coming and he was ready to get it and he sure wasn't going to let anybody else get it."

When the coach calls his traps early in the game, is that fun for you?
"Yes, I love playing like that. I love playing fast-paced and up and down, as long as everybody's focused when we get the call and we execute. We have a lot of fun out there?"

Do you think the team will be comfortable playing that style against ACC competition?
"I think we're very comfortable. I don't think we're going to let our opponent dictate what we're going to do. Whether we're playing UNC-Asheville or N.C. State, we're still going to run our same stuff."

DAVID NOEL – Audio (2:07)

What makes this team a good pressing team?
"We've got a lot of quick guys. Even our center, Tyler Hansbrough is quick. He can get out in the passing lanes and everybody can get out in the passing lanes. Our quickness makes us a good defensive team."

Have you ever seen a center get eight steals?
"No, but Tyler definitely did a great job tonight. He was in the passing lanes and that was something we wanted to assert right from the get-go."

Can you talk about what he's able to do with the ball after he steals it?
"Tyler has tremendous ball-handling skills, so after he steals it he's looking right up court to dribble it and start the break. And that's something that we work on everyday in practice, so he's definitely used to it."

Were you conscious tonight about being the aggressors?
"I think so. In the USC game we came out flat. They out-hustled us in every sense of the word and tonight we just wanted to come out and play the tempo that we wanted to play. So we pressed a little more than we normally do and I think that helped us out a lot."

REYSHAWN TERRY – Audio (1:59)

What were your thoughts on the defensive intensity tonight?
"We had to get the bad taste out of our mouths from the Southern Cal game. We came into this game today expecting to just get better as a team."

Can you talk about just how bad you wanted to get back and play?
"It felt good and get that win tonight. Our guys just jumped on them early and they never could get into it. That's always a good feeling – to jump on a team early."

Did your fall away three-pointer in the second half re-energize the team?
"I don't know. They ran a play for me and I was able to hit the shot and get it going a little bit. We needed a bucket. We were on a drought for a little bit, so we definitely needed a bucket."

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