UNC-UNCA: Eddie Biedenbach Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- UNC-Asheville coach Eddie Biedenbach addressed the media following the game...

Opening remarks:
"Well, Carolina had some of their doldrums before the Christmas break against Southern Cal and we had ours after. This will be a great learning experience for us. We didn't learn anything playing out here tonight except that you can't be flat playing against somebody. You've got to come out with emotion and play every play like it's the last play. We didn't do that. We didn't execute. We didn't move without the ball. We just didn't play. It wasn't that our guys didn't try hard. Our guys tried hard all week.

"Carolina, coming off the loss at Southern Cal, went in there and played really hard, with a lot of emotion and a lot of energy and we couldn't match that. I told our guys before the game that it was going to be a high-octane game and that we had to take the wind out of their scorers by doing some things. But, we couldn't get those done. We couldn't score on this end. We put on the full court pressure to try and slow them down. We just got to where we were taking quick shots and we didn't play a very good game. But we will learn a lot when we get back and look at the tape and understand that when you play good teams you have to make their runs come over long periods of time, no on quick baskets."

On the difference between the two halves
"Well, I think that it's hard to go into the locker room with a 33-point [deficit] at the half and tell you guys they've got to play better in the second half. We've got to use this to learn. Players sit around, and these young guys that Carolina has, and they can't come out with the same enthusiasm or the same fire. On the other hand, I think our guys did do a good job. They came out and did what they needed to do, which is what they should have done the whole game. We did better at that point."

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