Tired Lawson Prevails In Houston

HOUSTON - Tywon Lawson didn't play like the top point guard in the country on Thursday night, but there was a reason.

"I was tired," said the Oak Hill Academy and UNC-bound senior point guard.

Lawson came out aggressive in the first quarter, scoring nine early points and finishing with 12 prior to the break. He also had three of his five assists in the game's opening eight minutes and appeared to be, as usual, getting to the basket virtually at will.

However, after the Warriors went into halftime with a 38-31 advantage against Wheeler (Ga.), Lawson did not come out with the same aggressiveness.

Nolan Smith, Jeff Allen and even reserve Anthony Wright were key factors after the break, although it wasn't as if Lawson played poorly. He just didn't have the same impact on the game that he usually does, and some of it can be attributed to the fact that he's still getting his legs back after missing seven games due to a suspension earlier in the year.

The frenetic pace didn't help Lawson, either.

"Most teams don't run with us like that," Lawson said. "The tempo was different." "I felt tired at the end of the first quarter," he added.

Lawson still managed to finish with a team-high 16 points and 5 assists in the 76-56 victory in which the Warriors pulled away in the second half and improved their record to 20-0 this season.

"Maybe we went to bed a little late," Lawson said. "But we didn't play like we usually do."

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