UNC-DC: Roy Williams Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina coach Roy Williams spoke to the media following the Tar Heels' 82-58 win over Davidson on Tuesday at the Smith Center. Read & listen to the press conference.

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"Well, my opinion, I thought the game was two things. I thought defensively we've competed awfully, awfully hard. First 17 minutes of the first half, I think we had them at like twelve points and I think it was just hard work on the defensive end, I think we were limiting them to one shot. I think games I've seen that they played against Duke and Missouri especially, they made a living on the offensive backboards and I think we did a great job of finishing the defense the first 17 minutes of the half. We played a little dumb on the first, the last three minutes of the first half and they scored eight in a row on us. I am really, really proud of our team from the necks down. I told them that we didn't make some plays and we did some things that weren't very bright. And they won the game from necks down because I've never in my entire life; I've coached eight million games it feels like; I have never had a team that scores two lay-ups and gives up; two lay-ups on the other end. I was not mad at the official when I took my coat off. But again, I love the competitiveness; they're a very good basketball team. They're tough to play, they're tough kids, tough defensively. But to me the whole big thing was the work on the backboards and how we did defensively during certain spurts of the game. In the second half, I don't know that our defense was that good, they missed some open shots and I'm just being honest. But we had a little bit of a margin and we were able to survive at that point."

On the team's success passing
"You know, I don't know how many turnovers we had, I think ten at half, twelve at the half and we had eight in the second half. But I like to have more assists than turnovers. How about Quentin's [Thomas] pass at the end where he passes it one hand off the dribble through the crowd? I got one guy on my team that says great pass; that was the dumbest pass in the history of basketball. It's time to score a pass off a one-hand dribble. What should be said is `that's the dumbest pass in the history of basketball Quentin, great catch Tyler [Hansbrough].' That's what should be said. But, you know, Bobby [Frasor] and Quentin at the point guard, 11-2 on assist ratio, they do a nice job of doubling people in the post. David [Noel] had four turnovers in the first half and Tyler had three and a lot of those was doubling in the post. I think we got to take better advantage of that. Second half we did take better advantage. I'm not very impressed on how intelligent we were tonight. We got to try to make better decisions."

On starting ACC play:
"I think we've had great preparation. It's a different level. The team will find out more about it on Saturday. Hopefully David [Noel] and Reyshawn [Terry] will be able to pass that information along to them. And hopefully we'll play more intelligent because I've got a smart bunch of kids, I really do."

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