UNC-DC: Bob McKillop Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Davidson coach Bob McKillop spoke to the media following the game. Read & listen to the press conference.

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Opening remarks:
"The defensive effort by North Carolina tonight was extraordinary. They made every catch, every dribble, every pass an adventure for us and put us on our heels. Typical of today's basketball world, when you get put on your heels and you miss shots it has a rippling effect on your ability to get in transition, your ability to rebound, and your ability to defend. I thought our defense in the first half was pretty darn good, in the first aspect of it. But, we didn't finish the defense on several occasions. We had situations where we had traps, and I credit Roy and his players because those traps were not sustained. I think that's the effort that their players made and the coaching that their players had. So, it was a terrific defensive effort by North Carolina. They put us on our heels and we could not respond."

On Davidson's effort defensively:
"We got deflated a lot. Turnovers that lead to run out dunks, there's no defense for that. I think we gave four or five situations tonight where they got dunks where we just allowed them in the open court. We're a pretty good team in the open court. But, we did not respond to that and continue to attack them. As a result, we allowed them to entrench themselves. We did force 20 turnovers. But, those turnovers did not result in baskets. Our turnovers went to the front rim of the basket."

On Brendan Winters and Matt McKillop:
"I thought the matchup of [Marcus] Ginyard on Brendan [Winters] and [Reyshawn] Terry on Matt [McKillop] created problems for us. Terry's length really bothered Matt. His length would bother anybody. But, I thought Ginyard's strength and his ability to sustain his defense ... he clearly came here from O'Connel High School with a great background in defense. Obviously that foundation has been well, well built upon in his short time here. So, he's going to be a very good defensive player and I think that he did a good job on Brendan."

On being disappointed:
"I'm disappointed because our players did not respond to adversity the way we had responded to adversity in previous situations. We stayed in the center ring in more adverse conditions and kept slugging, and swinging, and getting up off the mat. I think we went to the ropes a little bit early here tonight."

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