UNC-DC: Locker Room Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Wes Miller, Tyler Hansbrough, Quentin Thomas and Bobby Frasor spoke to the media following the game...

Wes Miller

Talk about the defensive effort tonight.
"I think tonight was all about effort. I think Coach said we won that game from the neck down, because we didn't make a lot of good plays mentally, but we played with our heart, we played hard, and we certainly did that on the defensive end of the floor. It's always important to play hard and give that effort, but we also have to put our brains into it. And that's what it will take for us to be a better basketball team."

How do you do that?
"You've got to limit the mistakes. You've got to limit the mental mistakes. I think it's that simple. And we're going to come in here and watch film tomorrow, and I think that's what we're going to try to do, is cut down on those mental mistakes, those little things—just using our brains, making the right play instead of the spectacular play."

You're about to start ACC play. If you all play like that in the ACC, what's going to happen?
"I try not to think about that to tell you the truth. I just think if we put that effort in, I think we're going to be fine. If we can cut down on those mistakes, we're going to be fine…. I feel confident. I think our group feels confident going into ACC play."

What do you have to say to the guys who haven't been through an ACC schedule?
"It's time to crank it up. The ACC is the highest level of college basketball in the country. Every night, it doesn't matter what team it is, every team is super competitive. Every game is intense and heated. The younger guys haven't been through it, but they're going to find out real quick, and a lot of us guys haven't played a lot in the past, we're going to find out real quick too."

How angry was Coach Williams when he called that timeout in the second half?
"I think Coach was frustrated a little bit about our metal mistakes. I don't know about a scale of one to ten. Coach is just so intense, he's so competitive. He really does strive for us to be a perfect basketball team, to play the perfect game. I don't think he was happy with some of the mistakes. And he has a right to do that. That's what makes him such a great coach. He's not going to settle for mediocrity. That's what's going to make our basketball team better."

Tyler Hansbrough

Talk about the defensive effort tonight.
"Obviously Coach really stresses that in practice. He says we really need to pressure in order for us to really play well. I think that's what we tried to do."

Are you guys further along defensively than offensively?
"Yes, I think we're a lot further along defensively."

It was really your night offensively, but it was a physical night. Can you talk about that, and how you reacted?
"I think it was real physical down low. I don't think I let it get to my head. But I don't think it was my night. I missed a lot of easy shots that could have been made. And I've got to keep on improving that, to get better on some of those missed shots."

Coach seemed really animated in the second half when he ripped off his coat.
"Obviously. Coach really got into it, trying to get us motivated in the huddle."

What are you expecting from practice the next couple of days getting ready for NC State?
"We're going to have to prepare a really good team. We're going to have to have some really good, solid practices defensively and offensively to prepare us."

Bobby Frasor

Talk about the defensive effort tonight.
"Coach told us after the game we won the game from here down (pointing to his neck). He said we didn't play that smart, but he said we competed really well. We played with a lot of heart and that got us the win."

You got a five-second call in the second half that really seemed to spark the team on a run. Can you talk about that?
"I think Reyshawn had dunked before that, and the place was going crazy. They kicked it up the floor, and I got into my man. We got the five second call, and the place was going, was going…it was pretty loud. So I got us going and we got a little run right there."

What was Coach like tonight?
"I'd say he was frustrated. He told us we're going to be the first team to ever cause him to have a heart attack and die on the sideline. He had some good one-liners in the second half, but he was really frustrated with our careless mistakes."

Did you feel it was a struggle out there?
"It was an ugly game, I'd agree. Every time we'd throw the ball inside they'd have two and three guys in there. We threw the ball away a lot in the first half, and that wasn't us. It wasn't what Coach wanted. But we played a different kind of game, a different style that we adjusted to, and we got a win."

What are you expecting from your first ACC game?
"I'm looking for a very physical, quicker, faster—everything more perfect, more on point. You just have to be ready in every aspect of your game. I think we're ready. We've worked hard. We've gotten better."

Quentin Thomas

You said you're looking to be more aggressive. Does that mean looking for your shot more?
"I'm not going to say just taking shots, but I want to take smart shots, and help get my team open. I think me being aggressive is me pushing the ball, just continuously pushing the ball up the floor, being a threat on the defensive end as well as the offensive end."

It seems like the foot is finally 100% or close to it.
"Close to it. It's sometimes hard to kind of push off the foot, but I try not to think about it."

Do you feel like you're getting back into form? Are you back to the player you thought you could be?
"I think I'm becoming the player I didn't think I could be. Not saying that I didn't have any confidence, but sometimes in the game, I do stuff and I had no intention of doing it—it just happens. That's how most players are."

Six assists and no turnovers—is that the kind of thing you didn't think you could do?
"I always thought I could have games like this, and I would like to have games like this, and even better. I don't try to sit here and just glorify one game. I try to see what I did wrong. Even though I didn't have turnovers, maybe there's a way I could have had seven assists, eight assists, nine assists. So you try to go through that and get better."

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