Williams Excited Over OC Hire

When it was announced Gary Tranquil would not be back on North Carolina's coaching staff, a lot of uncertainty surrounded the future of the Tar Heels' offensive system. The hiring of Frank Cignetti answered most questions, while creating enthusiasm for North Carolina recruits who look to be a big part of the passing game, such as projected receiver Deunta Williams.

"They [Coach Brad Lawing and Coach John Bunting] told me I should be excited because he [Cignetti] likes to throw the ball a lot," said Williams. "They said when he came in, they were going over their recruits and they told him about me and Hakeem [Nicks] – the receivers."

Williams will get a better understanding of Cignetti as a person as well as his offensive philosophies when he meets the former Fresno State offensive coordinator for the first time this Saturday on campus.

Williams, who immediately researched his future offensive coordinator once the news broke of his hiring, has a solid understanding of Cignetti's offense heading into the meeting.

"Actually I did [know a little bit about him beforehand]," said Williams. "I've always liked Fresno State's offense – you couldn't stop them.

"I was excited when I heard the slightest rumor about it [Cignetti's hiring]. I kind of did a background check on him and saw what his offense did – how it ranked and stuff like that.

"They [Fresno State] run a lot of crossing routes and they did a lot of things to give their quarterback time. I'm thinking there's going to be a little less running. I'm looking for an offensive spurt."

After Williams' showing at outside linebacker during Shrine Bowl week, which culminated with Defensive Player of the Game honors, many wondered if the 6-foot-3 185-pounder's future is still on the offensive side of the ball.

"A lot of excitement came from my Shrine Bowl performance I had on defense," said Williams. "Coach Bunting was joking around with me saying he was going to move me to outside linebacker. They still need me at receiver."

With the new possibilities Cignetti's system presents, Williams is hoping those jokes were just jokes.

"I'd rather play receiver because I want to play next year," said Williams. "Next year with the new offensive coordinator coming in it levels the playing field a little bit. And on defense I would have to pick up pounds and redshirt."

Williams doesn't expect to be the only UNC pledge on campus to meet Cignetti this weekend. Although he isn't aware of who will join him, he anticipates a strong showing of projected offensive players – especially prospects who figure to be a part of the new passing attack.

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