Scouting Report: Derrick Rose

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- 2007 point guard Derrick Rose ...

Derrick Rose
6-2, 180
Chicago (Ill.) Simeon

First of all, Derrick Rose is extremely good with the basketball. He is a playmaker – on his high school basketball team he's a couple of finishers short of looking exponentially better. He's got an extra burst, there's something about him athletically and speed wise that gives him an edge over the rest. If you put four high major players around him, handed him the basketball, you could role into an arena and have an advantage over anyone you played at the point guard position.

His vision and his passing are at the top of what he does best.
I'm not exactly sure that being a big time scorer is the best part of his game. I'm not sure he's a lights out scorer who has to score to impact games. I think he can score and should be labeled as a guy who can score, but I think the best part of his game is having the ability of setting other guys up. And I don't think you see that all the time with his high school team. He has some good players, but there isn't another high level guy on his team that can really convert some of the things he's trying to get done.

His vision and his passing are at the top of what he does best. Off the dribble, going to the rim, he's got a burst and athleticism that he can finish with. He's one of those guys, if you're open, he'll spot you. He's a kid that people are really going to enjoy playing with. And this is a really important part for a high level point guard – he's a guy who will dominate the ball because that's what he does – he doesn't have to dominate the scoring column to run the team. He's an unselfish star player and that'll mean guys will want to play with him. Bottom line, no one will walk away from being his teammate and say 'He didn't get me the ball.' He'll get you the ball and will be good and fast in transition.

He's an unselfish star player.
He'll be a good defensive player. Sometimes it's hard to project with high school players, unless you're a lockdown guy, the defensive part of your game develops in college. He's got the tools – it won't be an area of concern for him.

One of the biggest changes, if we projected Derrick Rose a year from now, he's one of those guys who you probably want to be a bit more vocal in his leadership, but it's really a byproduct of him being a humble, quiet, reserved kind of guy who in time will have a more vocal personality. And he is a guy who can make some threes, but that's an area where he's got to work to be a bit more consistent with his shot.

Shooting the ball and taking a more active role in terms of being comfortable with becoming a vocal leader are the things to improve. Those are the two key areas you'd like to see him work on. He's a good shooter – but he could be even better.

College Projection:
He's going to be a point guard. There won't be a whole lot of debate about that one.

Top 15 -- This is a guy who projects to be among the top three players at his position. He has the talent where he should be one of the tops in the class by the end of his senior year. That's the type of talent and ability he has. And I think you'll see him ranked anywhere from No. 6-15 by the end of this season.

Final Thoughts:
Derrick Rose is still searching for the confidence to be as good as he can be – he's waiting for the breakout performance that will propel him. For him to take the next step as a prospect … there are times when he's put in some incredible games in Chicago and he's been really good in camp settings, but once he gets that big time ‘wow' national performance it'll be like running down hill for him.

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