Players Friday Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – North Carolina players David Noel, Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green spoke to the media on Friday from the Smith Center…

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David Noel - LISTEN (6:15)

"We've let [the underclassmen] know that it's definitely going to be a top notch level of play [in the ACC] so we've tried to bump up practice to another level to show them that this is how it's going to be. ...

"I think [NC State] is actually better without Julius Hodge because last year everybody was focused on him, but this year you really don't know who's going to score. They have such a balanced attack this year that you have to guard everybody. So I think they're a much better team without Julius."

Danny Green - LISTEN (3:18)

"I think if we stick to our [defensive principles], we'll be fine. ... we've played [similar offenses], but they're the best at what they do so it'll be a challenge for us. ...

"In practices I think we've picked up the intensity a lot more. We're making better decisions, smarter passes. ... and just being more intelligent with the basketball."

Tyler Hansbrough - LISTEN (5:35)

"[Cedric Simmons] is obviously a big body and he's done a lot of things this year. He's quite a bit better than some of the post players I've been playing against so I'll have to bring my 'A' game."

"[I mostly need to improve on] rebounding and blocking out. I need to play a little better defense and get used to bigger bodies down low. ... Overall, State has some big guys and so far it'll be the biggest challenge [to date] because Illinois had some big guys but these guys are really big, too. "

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