UNC-NCSU: Herb Sendek Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – N.C. State head coach Herb Sendek addressed the media following the game. Read & listen to what he had to say…

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Opening remarks:
"I thought both teams played exceptionally hard this afternoon, and unfortunately for us we did not execute the last four or so minutes offensively nearly well enough. We didn't capitalize on some opportunities at the free throw line. We had some key turnovers that put great pressure on our defense so that's an area that we certainly have to look at. I thought North Carolina did a tremendous job on defense this afternoon and really played with great effort."

On what NC State failed to execute in the game:
"I could recount some of the possessions off the top of my head. We had a side out of bounds where we missed an open man. We got impatient and tried to thread the needle on a tight cut on another opportunity...we had a corner three and a transition three that were as good as any shot that we had this afternoon and we didn't make those. We had the ball inside and we caused the defense to converge and we didn't kick out. So a combination of maybe not making some plays with some shots and maybe not making some reads. Having said all that, it would be also important to give North Carolina great credit because I thought their defense was outstanding and our defense was not as good in the second half as it needed to be."

On how much the dunk by Tyler Hansbrough with two seconds left on the shot clock deflated the NC State team:
"That was just one of those things. That was a possession where I think we played very good defense and sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way. It was kind of a broken play -- a bounce of the ball type of thing as far as I could tell and it resulted in a dunk at the end of the shot clock. That's part of the game, but that's certainly not the reason we didn't win the game this afternoon. Those kinds of plays, it seemed down the stretch, are why we're sitting here with a loss right now."

On what he will tell his players after the loss in preparation for the team's next game:
"Well we talked about what I just shared with you - about what we need to do in terms of execution down the homestretch, and making the right plays and decisions. We focused on those kinds of things in the short time that we had together."

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