N.C. Junior Shines At All-America Combine

Amongst a select group in the country, there are prospects for the class of 2007 that are fast becoming household names. One of those is Durham (N.C.) Hillside high school running back Greg Little.

At 6-3, weighing over 200 pounds and running a reported 4.47/40, it doesn't take long to see why. That's just the tip of the iceberg with this one, though, as he cemented his status as an elite athlete in last week's U.S. Army Junior All-American Combine. Little is definitely one to watch in the future.

If you say the word "competition", it has a different effect on different people or in this case, players.

Some say they would just as soon have as few people to fight against for a spot, while others look at the competition as motivation. Little looks at the competition, but only as a reference of where he needs to be, when he needs to be there and just who it is he's going to have to beat. That's just one of the reasons he attended the 2006 U.S. Army Junior All-American Combine.

"I like competition," Little said "I am going to be wherever the competition is. So, if Scout.com comes to town, I might go to three or four of them."

The fact that this is the combine that is probably the most closely linked to the annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl only fueled Little's desire to make it down to San Antonio for the weekend. "That's basically why I came down here," Greg Said. "They say this is the best of the best, I think I am one of the best, so I want to compete with the best."

Little has had that tag thrown around about him in regard to the running backs of the class of 2007. With his combination of size, speed and overall athleticism, he's shown to be a complete package.

What some might find unusual about someone his size is that Little has worked out at this combine not just as a running back, but as a wide receiver and even as a DB. It's not wishful thinking either as Greg has already proven he can play all of those positions, totaling 1,166 yards rushing the football, scoring 26 times; he's totaled 375 yards receiving on 23 catches, scoring four times, and filling in for three games on defense, Little averaged over an interception per game, notching four for the season.

Any questions?

During the drills at the combine, Little showed remarkable versatility for someone his size. His desires at playing multiple positions or being a threat to hurt a team from everywhere aren't unfounded either.

When it came to footwork, explosion and change of direction, Little's ability belied his size. When it came to playing in space, covering receivers, he showed himself to have surprisingly good hips. When it came to being a receiver, Little showed good elusiveness in trying to break down the defender and he used his size to his advantage. When necessary, Greg was also able to go up and get the ball.

It is any wonder who Little idolizes right now and would like to emulate during his college career. "Really, I want to be the Reggie Bush type – that guy that can do it all," Little said of the USC Trojan and Heisman winner. With that being said, Little wasn't ready to put himself in the same category with the future first round NFL Draft pick. "Reggie is a great player," he said. "I don't think I can compare myself to things he's done

Bush is no doubt the flavor of the month as players from around the country have tried to put themselves in the shoes of one of USC's greatest stars. Little acknowledges what Bush is, but it isn't about trying to be Bush, but trying to be what Little believe he represents.

The best

It's almost a signature of Little's as he doesn't necessarily think of himself as the best, but that's where he wants to be. So, when he thinks about a school, he's got a lot of criteria, but when talking about the sport, it's easy for Little as he said he is looking at schools that have one thing to offer; "The best of the best," he said

There were reports that Little had all but had his mind made up about the school he was going to attend -- Texas -- but he's quick to refute that.

Even at his size, Greg Little proved to be very adept in
coverage downfield.

"Really, I am open to anybody," he said. "I am going to wait to see what the best is that comes along (and) I am going to go down to the wire (before committing) if it's possible."

Little should have his choice of where he wants to go when that does finally happen. The early list of teams that have sent him letters by the ton is impressive to say the least:

Notre Dame, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Duke, Nebraska and Virginia, just to scratch the surface.

Out of that group, Duke and Nebraska have offered Little in writing thus far - but that's certainly soon to change.

Little knows that while he's looking at the depth charts of the schools he's interested in, it's only as a reference, not as a major factor in determining where he wants to go. "If a school is getting the number one receiver each year, that means nobody is getting that many touches,: he said. "A player like me, I want the ball every time."

If you think he's kidding, Little had a little fun during the All-American Combine, during wide receiver drills.

There was a line of approximately 20 receivers, each waiting to get their turn to run a route. Greg Little would go, run his route and head back to the line, but not even three players later, Little was back at the front of the line going at it again. Little said there was no malice in butting ahead of everyone almost every single time. He's just being him. "It's all about repetition," he said of why he wanted the ball so much. "It's all about being the best."

After everything you have heard, the numbers you have seen and all the attention you know Little is going to get before his recruiting is all said and done, you probably think there's a little a little more "me" in Greg than "us".

You could ask his teammates about that, and they would correct you immediately. Or you could ask Little himself. Sure, he's more than likely going to be a star and he's reaching for the stars as well. But just ask him what's more important than anything his last year at Hillside High. Just ask him what he wants to do most of all.

"Win," he said of his one goal for the year. "I don't care what I do on the field as long as we win."

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