UNC-VT: Locker Room Quotes + Audio

BLACKSBURG, Va. – North Carolina players David Noel, Tyler Hansbrough, Reyshawn Terry and Wes Miller addressed the media following the game…

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DAVID NOEL – Audio (1:02)

"This place is definitely upscale now; they have some big-time fans and we knew it was going to be that way when we got to town. But we did a great job just holding them off. They missed the last shot and we won.

"We (knew the fans were going to be loud) in a close game on the road. They liked to have their fans in and try and help their team pull out a victory. But we were able to hold them off and come out with the win.

"I'm proud of those guys that stepped it up. It sucks I got in foul trouble, but some games it's going to be that way. It's going to be up to those guys to pull us through and they did a great job of doing that tonight."


"It was real important. It was our first road game and any game on the road in the ACC is big for us. To come in here with the crowd really intense was a good experience.

(On Coach Williams covering Hansbrough's ears during the timeout between his last two free throws) "He really did that when he said, ‘If he misses…' He covered my ears and then told me to go knock them down. I could hear though.

"I feel great. Obviously any road victory in the ACC is big for us. Tonight was really big with the crowd the way it was, and it was crucial for us.

"For this road game we all looked back (to the USC loss). We don't want to have that feeling again. It's something that's still in the back of our minds when we go on the road – how we came out against USC and we can't do that."

REYSHAWN TERRY – Audio (1:33)

"We have to do a better job of taking care of the basketball. (When Coach took us out) he basically just let us cool down and think about what we had done. It gave us some time to relax and get our heads back into it.

"It was very important for us to get this conference road win. Coming off the USC loss on the road, this gave us some confidence."

WES MILLER – Audio (1:44)

"We weren't perfect tonight by any stretch. When you come on the road, you've got to play with poise. We didn't do that throughout the whole game, but we played with our hearts, made some plays down the stretch and fortunately we were able to come out with the win. Those are the things we need to work on. We can limit the mistakes, especially the careless ones like just passing the ball to each other.

"I don't think we want to be down 10 early. We have to come out in the first five minutes with the same intensity we play with during the last five minutes. Those are the things we need to continue to build on. We're thrilled about coming on the road and getting the win, but we're not satisfied either."

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