2008 Focus: Terelle Pryor

The football guys are claiming him and the basketball schools are chasing him. Talented sophomore small forward Terelle Pryor will face a dilemma one day: hoops or football? For now, he's getting it done in every arena.

Western Pennsylvania is very much football country. Terelle Pryor, by all accounts, is an outstanding football prospect. Heck, he's got an offer from the boys up at State College to roll with the Nittany Lions and Joe Paterno one day.

OK, so why are we even delving into him as a hooper? Because he's averaging 24 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists for Jenneatte High and he's Scout.com's No. hoops 8 prospect in the Class of 2008.

Pryor has a professed love for hoops that he says supersedes his passion for the gridiron and he sees his future on the hardwood. "I'm leaning towards basketball really," Pryor said. "I think I can go farther in it. I like basketball, its fun. I can't really explain it."

The 6-foot-5, 215 pounder says that even during football season he's working on his basketball game. During hoops season, he's all about buckets. Over the course of the year, he'll train more for hoops than any other sport he plays.

"Actually, during football I really worked on dribbling and shooting on the gun," Pryor said.

So far this year, Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon, North Carolina State's Herb Sendek, Xavier's Sean Miller and Penn State's Ed DeChellis have been in to see him play. Virginia Tech has shown interest as well.

"The rest of the colleges saw me play in the (AAU) Nationals in Florida and contacted my coach a couple of times."

It's very early, but when asked about his ideal list of colleges for hoops, Pryor has a few in mind.

"The three places I want to play are Chapel Hill, N.C. State or Pitt – one of them."

So far, there hasn't been much of an interest shown from North Carolina, but Pryor thinks they put out some feelers.

Meanwhile, this small forward knows that he's physically a little advanced over his counterparts and is working on his game. "(My game) has to be smooth," Pryor said. "Right now my ball handling isn't so great. My outside game, driving; I have to drive better and finish harder. Besides that I can pass it pretty good but everything needs more work."

While he works, he'll soon reach a milestone as a sophomore. "I'm ready to get my 1,000th point soon. I'm like 150 away and we have 13 more games plus the playoffs. I'll for sure get it."

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