TOC: Jason Horton Spotlight

CHAPEL HILL -- Sophomore Jason Horton led his Team Texas Elite squad to a win over the NC Gaters on Friday night at the Smith Center.

Horton displayed floor general skills beyond his years, in the form of court leadership, seeing the floor and finding teammates. He's not just quick, but smooth as well, gliding around or through a double team. And, while he's a pass-first point guard, Horton swished three three-pointers early in the game, forcing defenders to come out on him, so he then penetrated and attacked the hoop or dished to the open man.

Postgame Quotes

Working to improve: "Shooting and decision making."

Strengths: "I just try to do whatever it takes to win - defense, and passing to get people open looks or scoring."

School list: "Texas, North Carolina, Arizona and Michigan."

Michigan: "I'd love to play with [my brother Daniel], but realistically, we play kind of the same position."

Arizona: "Style of play."

Texas: "I'd love for my family to have a chance to see me play."

Distance a factor?: "Not really."

On importance of available playing time: "I'd love to come in and have a chance to play a lot as a freshmen. If [Raymond Felton at UNC or TJ Ford at Texas] leave early, that'd be a great situation."

On friend/teammate Lamarcus Aldridge: "He's going to be really good. He's about seven-feet tall. He played with us last weekend, but he went back to playing with the Blue Chips this week. ... I love playing with Lamarcus, we're real close."

On playing in the Dean Dome: "It's a great experience. I didn't realize it was this big -- it's huge."

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