UNC-UM: Frank Haith Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Miami coach Frank Haith addressed the media following the game…

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Opening remarks
"I thought our guys held excellent poise down the stretch. We played with a tremendous amount of composure. We knew Carolina was going to make some runs particularly there in the second half they came out and I'm just so proud of how our kids handled that. I thought Robert [Hite] made a huge shot right off of one of the threes that [Carolina] made. We executed and that was good to see. We handled the pressure; we didn't have any live ball turnovers which I think was the key to the game."

On your team's post play
"Our big guys don't get a lot of credit for a lot of things they do, but they are so important to our success. Rebounding is one of them and setting good screens is another. Gary [Hamilton] and Anthony [King] just played great defense. Tyler [Hansbrough] had 25 points but for the most part I thought our guys did a pretty good job in the paint and we did a pretty good job only limiting them to one shot. They are one of the better rebounding teams in the league. We held them to only 11 offensive rebounds."

On your team's 21 offensive rebounds
"It's just something we do. I think our big guys in terms of understanding their role and what we want them to do, and they accept their role. They know that is a big part of our offense to them getting offensive rebounds and getting second shots."

On your team's improving defensive play
"We're getting pretty good play out of everybody. I thought today we did a good job changing defenses. We didn't want Carolina to get into a rhythm. We played a lot of zone but we played some man. We switched defenses as much as we could. Our guys really took that and are doing a good job with that. It's something we stress because we scored 81 points today but I don't know if we are going to score 81 points every night. So it's a big part of what we do to defend."

Did your defensive changes confuse them?
"We were hoping that would be the case. They've been playing so well, I have to give Roy a lot of credit, he's done a great job with this team. That's the way we've been playing the last couple of games and it's something we want to stick with."

On your halftime pep talk
"I told them basically that Carolina was going to make a run and let's stay together and stay focused. They are going to have a stretch but we can't let them have two big runs back-to-back and we've got to make plays. We knew Carolina would make a run and they came out and executed. The first play of the second half we took away the lob and they ended up getting it. We thought they would have a play somewhat like that, but they ended up making the play. Then they had a run, they got a three, but our guys like I said were very poised. We talked about being able to withstand their run."

On your guards play down the stretch
"Those guys made some huge plays and the execution was outstanding. They got some really good looks in terms of us being able to move the ball and make good decisions. Anthony Harris' three was really huge. We had a timeout and he had missed his last two or three in a row and I told him ‘you're going to make the next one.' He stepped up and I think the three he made gave us the lead in the second half. Once he made that three I don't think we gave up the lead. Those guys made big plays. I give them all the credit."

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