TOC: Raymond Felton Spotlight

CHAPEL HILL -- There is nothing that can be said that hasn't already been said in describing Raymond Felton's game. On Friday night, Felton was the dynamic bundle of energy that he always is, but the match-up against "The Twins" never really lived up to the hype.

Felton only scored 21 points because he was intent to get his teammates involved and his team never really needed him to take over, as they had a comfortable lead throughout. The Stewart twins showed that they are tremendous athletes, but not necessarilly what Carolina needs as basketball players in the rising senior class.

Felton scored, running the gamut of offensive moves in his arsenal: dunks, drives, jumpers, and free-throws. He started the game off with a steal and an athletic dunk. He had some "almost makes" that missed the mark but were amazing never the less, and he dished off to teammates with head-turning passes. The stat of the night might be where Felton DIDN'T measure up. With shoes on, Carolina's incoming freshman point guard measured 5-11. The IC tape measurer doesn't lie.

Postgame Interview

After coming here several years, is this place starting to feel like home now.

"Oh, yeah. Of course. This is home now."

Last year you seemed more dominant in terms of scoring, like you were out to prove something. Is there a different feel this year?

"Yeah, I'm here to help my guys get some good looks and show the recruiters what they can do. I'm out here to play my game and also look out for them. I'm not trying to prove anything."

How much do you feel that you've improved since last year?

"I feel that I understand the game a lot better. I've learned how to play a floor game, I can play using different aspects – scoring, distributing, playing defense."

Are you ready for the pressure next year?

"All the pressure? They're putting that on us too much. They are calling us the saviors and all this. I mean you can't really put that on freshmen and sophomores. Hopefully, we can come in and make a difference, but we will still need help from the guys already here: Jawad, Jackie, Melvin, and the other guys. We definitely need their help. You can't put too much pressure on us guys. We're going to do the best we can do."

How do you think your strengths will fit in at UNC?

"Really well. I'm a floor general. I like to distribute the ball before I score, so I think we'll be great next year. I can't wait."

Now that you've been to so many places to play basketball, do you still feel like a small-town guy?

"Oh, yeah, of course. I can never forget where I came from. I'm still a small-town little country boy. I'll always be that way."

Are you feeling that you'll be at Carolina four years, or are you looking at leaving early?

"Whatever is the best time for me – whatever Coach Doherty thinks is best for me – that's when I'll leave, no matter if that's two years or four years. As of right now, I'm going four years."

How strongly did you look into the NBA this year?

"I didn't look into it, but I weighed my options because I want to make sure what is best for me, and the best thing for me is to go to school."

Is this something your family wants, for you to go to school?

"Yes, most definitely. My momma is very strict about getting an education."

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