Roy Williams Monday Quotes + Audio

The UNC head coach spoke to the media via the ACC's weekly teleconference on Monday. Read and listen to what he had to say...

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Opening remarks
"Our team is not at a crossroads by any means because it was just one conference loss. We'll have to see how well we bounce back from the loss at home where we didn't play very well. You have to congratulate Miami, because I think Frank [Haith's] club dictated the game. Even when we were ahead, we never felt comfortable. So we'll have to see how our young kids bounce back going to Charlottesville and playing up there. Virginia got a great road win last night winning at Blacksburg. It's going to be a challenge. We'd want to be in a position where we would go up there and be as confident as we could be, but I've always thought you gained more confidence by playing harder and that's what we're going to try and do on Thursday night."

On getting the ball into Tyler Hansbrough better
"Well for one, Tyler's got to move better. And at the same time, guys have got to look for him and make more effective passes. We had him open sometimes down the stretch some times Saturday against Miami, and I think we had three turnovers trying to throw him the basketball. So we've got to work on feeding the post and he's got to move more effectively as well. But after the game he's got 25 points in a low possession game. So we have gotten the ball to him a lot, but I think we can get it to him even more. At the same time, the other guys have to step up and be offensive threats themselves."

On for the second straight week, playing a team (FSU) this weekend that didn't play an ACC game the week prior
"It's very frustrating for me. It happened to us a couple of years ago. Last year I don't remember it on any occasion. I wish that didn't happen. I looked to see if there was any occasion where we had one, and either the schedule was so complicated for me to read or I didn't find one. I think it is an advantage, but at the same time you have to go and play the game. Television dictates so much, you can't make everything equitable in the schedule. But there's no question I would like to have a week to prepare for someone while they're playing in the middle of the week."

On the success your teams have had in the past responding well after losses
"Well, you don't know. You don't really know how there going to respond until the next game. Sometimes people can get fired up for one game. Last year, every time we had a loss, we had a pretty significant winning streak. The fewest games we won after a loss were the last six; and if we had played a few more I think we would have won them, too. But that was a very experienced team that didn't like to lose. This is a very inexperienced team and I know they don't like to lose, but we'll have to wait until those next games come up before we'll be able to tell how they respond."

Do you call for Reyshawn Terry to be more aggressive on offense or do you expect it of him all the time?
"That's something we always call for. He and David [Noel] should be more aggressive. They've got the most experience, have been through the most and they have to be the best leaders on the team."

What's been the most impressive thing to you about Hansbrough so far?
"He just works so hard. You never know when you're freshmen come in just how hard they're going to work at this level or how they're going to adjust to bigger, quicker players. I thought his work ethic was pretty good, but it far surpassed anything I ever thought of. He's a phenomenally gifted kid, who wants to get better. He treats every play like it's the last, and you don't find many freshmen who do it like that."

Comparing Hansbrough to former Kansas player Nick Collison
"There is some similarity there. Nick had a little bit more variety in his game and I think Tyler will get that. I think with time, Tyler will be able to move out more. He makes his living right now with his lunch pail and his hard work. But I do think he's going to get more variety to his game as time goes on. That's a pretty good comparison."

Evaluation of Bobby Frasor
"I think he went through the pre-conference season and did pretty well. I'd give him a ‘B' or something like that. But it's a huge step up when you get into league play. In the second half against N.C. State he was sensational, and didn't have a very good game on Saturday at times. I don't think you can evaluate kids in this league until they've played in the league games, because this is the level we have to play at. We're just three games into the conference race at this point."

What are you emphasizing for him to do more or less of in terms of development?
"Defensively, he's got to stay in front of the basketball better and not get beat on dribble penetration. And offensively, he must have a good assist/turnover ratio and still knock in some shots. In every phase of the game there's a leadership quality of a point guard to get everybody in the right spots, and I think he's gotten better at that everyday. He has a tremendous savvy and he's a gym rat – that's going to be there. And then he's got to make the physical part of his game better as time goes along."

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