SC: Quotes From Graves and His Coach

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Inside Carolina talked to William Graves and Dudley head coach David Price after Monday's loss to Oak Hill at the Greensboro Coliseum's Scholastic Classic ...


Initial postgame reactions --

Those guys are just as good as everybody says. They're ranked No. 1 in the country, they've got great players, the point guard [Tywon Lawson], then you've got No. 30 [Mike Beasley]. I thought our guys really played well except for turning the ball over. If we don't turn it over and box out, then the game would be much closer, but that's easy to say when you're playing against guys like that. Hopefully we can take things away from this weekend and run the table – that'd be nice.

On William Graves' --

Will probably played the best game I'd seen him play in his four years he's been at Dudley when we were up in Minnesota [this weekend]. He was awesome. … The first game [in Minnesota] he had 21 points, 13 rebounds and 7 turnovers. He didn't play that well. But the next game, I think he had 28 points on only 17 shots and he was really great. This team is so young. We don't have a whole lot of set stuff going to him because he started off the year with that bad ankle and we didn't have the opportunity to put in a lot of set plays for him. I'm proud of him [for what he did tonight].

On preparing for, and facing, Tywon Lawson --

I scouted him, and when I saw him he was awesome. Then I sent my son to scout him and he came back with the same report I had – that you need to keep him out of the paint. Early on, he got into the paint, we didn't take the charge on him and tried to block his shot. When you can shoot it as deep as he can shoot it, and as quick as he is and get to the whole, he creates a lot.

Is Lawson the best point guard you've ever faced?

He was today. The last time we played [Oak Hill], [Rajon] Rondo was the best I'd seen. And when we played them and they had [Justin] Gray, he was the best … so they've had some good ones. But he is fun to watch, I'm sure it was fun for the people to watch. I don't think anyone expected us to win anyway.

What did you tell your team at half that perhaps helped lead to that third quarter run?

We talked about blocking out, not backing down and being competitive – anyone can dive on a loose ball and anybody can box out. There's no excuse for that. And I thought we needed to play bigger.

On losing three games this weekend to highly quality opposition --

It's our third loss in four days … anytime you lose it's not good. But I think going to Minnesota, the team really came together. … It was a heck of a learning experience, playing in the Target Center was great, playing in here was great and I think that'll help us when we get to the playoffs. We don't schedule to go undefeated, we schedule to try and get the kids [looked at] by college coaches.


Your coach said you're playing your best basketball of your career right now – you agree?

I'm just playing basketball and trying to do what coach says. If I'm doing what coach says, I guess I'm playing well.

Can you comment on your performance tonight?

I thought I did all right, but we lost so my performance wasn't good enough.

You seemed to get in a groove in the third quarter there …

I was just trying to get us back in the game and to win it.

How was this playing in the Coliseum and against Oak Hill?

It was all right, it was a great experience. I had fun, it was fun while it lasted – until the buzzer sounded and we lost.

Thoughts on Lawson's performance tonight?

Outstanding. Excellent player. Good pick by Coach Roy Williams [laughs]

He seemed to be able to get to the rim at will …

We just had a contain on him, but he's a fast player and hard to guard. You don't know what to do – if you get up on him he'll go around you, if you back off he'll shoot it on you.

Three losses this weekend – what do you hope to take away from that.

It was a great learning experience, and now we get to go into the conference and take it out on them [laughs].

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