TOC: Ra'Sean Dickey Spotlight

CHAPEL HILL - Ra'Sean Dickey was quite simply a man among boys at the Tournament of Champions this weekend. His South Carolina Ravens fell in the 16-under title game, but Dickey, who has dominated 17-under tournaments, laid waste to the younger division.

Dickey is not just bigger and stronger than the competition -- he's also more skilled. When not simply overpowering defenders, he's got agile post moves and a mid-range jumper. And, if one resorts to fouling Dickey, he'll drain his free throws without a problem.

The 16.6 points average this weekend doesn't fully reflect the talent he displayed. Occasional plays wowed observers and showed the potential of a future superstar on the college -- and/or pro -- level.

There was one play where Dickey cuffed the ball as he pinned it to the backboard, brought it down with one hand and went right into a behind the back dribble, brought the ball up the court and hit an open teammate with a nice bounce pass. And, a few minutes later, he posted up on the right block and beat his man with a monster drop-step and threw down a monstrous dunk – and everything connected to the basket was shaking for five minutes.

Postgame Quotes --

Is it pronounced RAY-Shawn or Ruhshawn?


How tall are you, and how much do you weigh?

"6-9 and 240."

What do you feel like you gained from the Bob Gibbons TOC?

"I got to see the other players that are ranked in the nation, and I got competition, I got to see things that I can improve on by playing with them."

It seems like good players are identified younger and younger. Is that good or bad, and does that put pressure on you while you are still developing?

"That doesn't pressure me. I just come out to play."

In what areas can you improve?

"Running the floor, speed, and defense against quicker players."

What are your strengths?

"Free-throw shooting and post moves."

How do you think you played this weekend?

"I think I played good – like everyone expected me to play."

Are you beginning to feel the expectations, even though you are only a tenth-grader?


How are you dealing with it?

"I don't worry about it."

I know it's early, and you are about a year away from making a college decision. What schools are you looking at, and what schools have contacted you?

"I'm looking at Maryland, Florida, UNC, Connecticut, Kentucky, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee. I'm looking at about all of them."

Who do you feel has the most interest in you?

"They all send about the same amount of mail?

Are you allowed to call the schools yet?

"I'm not sure."

What is your time table for a decision.

"I'll start doing that in my junior year."

Where does UNC stand with you?

"They are on there. They send me letters."

(Clint Jackson contributed to this article.)

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