TOC: Major Wingate Spotlight

CHAPEL HILL - Major Wingate played one final weekend with Raymond Felton and continued to showcase a game that is both trying and filled with unrealized potential.

Wingate has had the impressive physique since he entered high school, and his athleticism and ability to run the floor had coaches drooling several years ago.

But watching Wingate is terribly frustrating.

He's got the tools, but lacks the drive and decision making. If it weren't for the latter, he'd still be in everyone's Top 10.

Wingate averaged over 16 points, but one of the main reasons Beach Ball Select went home on Saturday was his erratic play.

The potential has been there for years -- now if only he'd realize it ...

Checking in with Major Wingate:

Can you update me with your list of schools and where you stand. Reports I have seen seem to indicate that your list changes a lot.

"Yeah, (laughing) it changes about every week. Right now, Alabama is at the top. Then, UNC, Villanova, USC, Florida, and Maryland."

You already have a relationship with Raymond, and I'm sure he wants you to do what's best for you, but how would it feel playing with him in college?

"He's trying to get me. Chapel Hill is always going to be at the top because of Raymond. USC will always be at the top because my best friend is there. Alabama, because of the coaching staff. I love the coaching staff at all of my schools. It will come down to the wire, most likely."

How much contact have you had from the UNC coaches recently?

"I call them about once a week. I call Coach Orlando from Alabama once a week. I talk to Coach Odom, from USC, a lot. I have a good relationship with everybody."

One report stated that you were arranging plans with Charlie Villanueva.

"Yeah, we're trying to go to the same school. Whatever schools I'm listing in my top five, he's looking at. Whatever is in his top five, I'm looking at. That's why Villanova is in my top five now. I really wasn't looking at it, but he said he was thinking about going there, so I'm really interested in it. I met the coaching staff, and I like the way they play."

How did you get to know him?

"I used to play with the Long Island Panthers my freshman year and sophomore year. I played with him then."

It looks like you've made some improvement from last year.

"Last year, I was going through some stuff. People only judge you by what's going on, on the court. They don't know what's going on outside the court. I've been going through some things, and my head was not on my game. Now I'm concentrating on my game more. I got all my stuff handled, and I'm concentrating on my game more."

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