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Chris Hawkins is a quarterback out of Henderson (NC) Southern Vance. Hawkins is one of the best athletes in North Carolina throwing for 1070 yards and eight touchdowns, while rushing for 800 yards, and 12 touchdowns rushing.

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Chris Hawkins is a quarterback out of Henderson (NC) Southern Vance. Hawkins is one of the best athletes in North Carolina throwing for 1070 yards and eight touchdowns, while rushing for 800 yards, and 12 touchdowns. He also plays free safety or cornerback on special situations.

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Inside Carolina: Chris, last time we talked you said that you were planning to commit but may still attend football camps at other schools besides NCSU. I read where you committed. Do you plan on attending other camps?
Chris Hawkins: No, I don't think that I will attend any other camps now.

IC: How many offers do you have now?
Hawkins: Three. UNC, NCSU, VaT.

IC: Are you still being recruited by other schools?
Hawkins: Yes. Mostly from the ACC schools.

IC: What position is NCSU recruiting you for?
Hawkins: As an athlete.

IC: What position do you want to play?
Hawkins: QB.

IC: How did you tell them that you wanted to commit and what was their reaction?
Hawkins: I called them (state staff) from my school and they said that they were really excited to hear the news.

IC: How do you think your HS team will do this year?
Hawkins: We've been working on getting stronger since last season. I think we have a chance to be pretty good.

IC: Thanks for talking to us Chris and good luck to you.

******* Interview from April 22, 2002******

Inside Carolina: Which school is your favorite?
Chris Hawkins: NC State. In fact, I plan to commit to them tomorrow.

IC: What is it that you like about NCSU?
Hawkins: I like the atmosphere there. They are an up and coming program with the stadium upgrades and everything.

IC: Which school was your favorite school growing up?
Hawkins: Florida State. In fact, I really like the coaching staff at Florida State. Coach Amato used to be on the coaching staff at Florida State. He even recruited my father.

IC: Did your father play for Florida State?
Hawkins: No. His name is David Hawkins and he played for Marshall.

IC: Did Coach Amato remember your father?
Hawkins: Yes. He remembered him.

IC: What would you say is the primary difference between NCSU and Carolina as far as you choosing NCSU?
Hawkins: I just like the atmosphere at NCSU. The kids (as well as the coaching staff) there just came up and talked to me whereas the coaching staff at UNC mainly talked to me. He just seems like the right fit for me. Carolina kind of backed off of me the last couple of weeks. I guess since Durant decided not to transfer that they felt like they did not need another QB. I think UNC is a good school though.

IC: Did your HS coach give you any advice about recruiting?
Hawkins: My HS coach is a big fan of NCSU and Coach Amato. So he told me a lot about them.

IC: You are widely considered an athletic type QB. Do you prefer to run or pass?
Hawkins: I like doing both. I feel just as good when I throw a TD pass as I do when I run for a TD. Whatever helps the team is all right with me.

IC: Do you have other family members that play football?
Hawkins: My older brother will play for NCCU next year. It was nice having him on my team last year as a wide receiver. We had the opportunity to practice some in the backyard.

IC: Is there a game or play that stands out in your mind?
Hawkins: There was a game I played in middle school and my father was late arriving at the game. My father has always come to my games. Anyway, we were on our own one yard line and my father drives up. The coach told me to just try and push ahead a few yards to try and get us out of the hole. Instead I had a 99-yard TD run. That was very memorable for me.

IC: Do you plan on taking any visits after you commit to NCSU?
Hawkins: I think I will take my five official visits and look around.

IC: Who do you think will get your five official visits?
Hawkins: NCSU, UNC, VA, VaT, and WF.

IC: Do you play other sports?
Hawkins: Yes, I play basketball and run track.

IC: Do you plan on participating in either of those in college?
Hawkins: I think that I will try and play basketball in college as well.

IC: What was your fastest time in the 100m?
Hawkins: 10.68

IC: What makes you a good football player?
Hawkins: I like having the pigskin in my hands. It's an opportunity to show my talents. Football has been a part of my life for a long while. (Combination of desire, talent, and experience).

IC: Thank you for talking with us Chris and good luck this year.

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