UNC-FSU: Locker Room Quotes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. --- Wes Miller, Tyler Hansbrough and David Noel talk postgame after the Tar Heels pulled off an 81-80 over Florida State ...


On the win -

"Those last two losses were really uncharacteristic of our basketball club and we rebounded today and picked up a really good win against a talented opponent in a hostile environment. We stayed positive and stayed together."

On his career day -

"My teammates found me, that's what it boiled down to. My teammates made plays, got me looks and I was fortunate enough to knock them down."

On being a defensive presence -

"I just try to do the things we work on - our defensive principles. You can't always expect to have offensive nights like tonight but you can always bring it on the defensive end of the floor. That's what this team needs to do and that's what I always try to do."


On the game's final sequence -

"It was something where I saw my man (Alexander Johnson) go up top. I though he was going to be down low where he was the possessions before. He got it and kind of fumbled the ball a little so I stuck my arm out and I hit it. It hit me on my left palm. I didn't get a really good hit on it but it was enough to knock it away.

"He happened to come high, I played our principles and it ended up being a big part of this game."

On the win -

"We just came off of two losses, so this does a lot for us. It's a totally different taste in your mouth. It's a much better feeling to go home with the victory. It felt better all around out there tonight."

On playing with foul trouble -

"What it did to me is this - I got back to the bench and told myself, 'You're not playing your game.' I had to revaluate.

"I wasn't worried about fouling out so I just tried to go out there and put as much pressure on whoever I was guarding as I could."

On Wes Miller's performance -

"That's what Wes does - shoot 3s. He's a really great shooter and he gets after it on defense. He stepped up big tonight and played real crucial at crucial points. "


"We wanted to get a big win on the road and that's what we did."

On the point zone -

"To be honest with you, I think the point zone is something that a lot of people are going to be scared of. It's what we play best in practice and even in games. When we have everyone out there talking like we normally do, it's going to be tough (on opponents). We don't usually talk like that when we are in man-to-man. When everyone's talking out there, we know exactly where everyone else is. Everyone has a position and no one wants to get caught out of position when we are watching film."

On Al Thornton's final shot -

"He got the ball and I was able to get out to him. When he shot the ball, he was falling back so I was fairly certain that it was off when it left his hand. I was just happy to be able to throw in a key play for this team when we needed it."

On first-half turnovers -

"We just had to keep our poise, especially out here on the road. FSU is a tough team, especially at home. We didn't come in here thinking that this would be any kind of cake walk. We kept our poise and came out with a big win."

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