UNC-FSU: Roy Williams Quotes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. --- Roy Williams talks about the Tar Heels' win over Florida State, 81-80, on Sunday ...

Opening comments -

"Let's put it this way - this was the first time in eight weeks my sciatic nerve hasn't dominated my thought process. It's been killing but it felt pretty good out there towards the end of this game.

"This was a big time win for us to say the least. It's been a tough eight days for us with those two losses. This is a young team and you never know how they are going to react to adversity that we were having. I don't know that I've ever been with a team that I was more pleased with the way they reacted than the way this team did today.

"I really believe that Florida State is a big time basketball team. They came out and it seemed that they made about every shot early. For our guys to keep playing…

"Early our guys were tight - we turned it over four times just passing and catching - but I thought that if they kept fighting that good things were going to happen.

"Danny (Green) got five points there before halftime that I thought really helped us emotionally going into the locker room and then we were really good in the second half.

"We shot 52 percent in the second half against a great defensive team but I'll admit we got a little lucky - they had a lot of open looks that didn't fall. Getting that kind of win today, needless to say, was great for our club."

On Wes Miller starting -

"I don't want to make Marcus (Ginyard) out to be the bad guy - the last 15 seconds he was in there because I still do treasure his defense.

"We need to make more (outside) shots...it was getting hard for Tyler to make anything with 3 and 4 guys in around him.

"Another thing is that Wes has been playing really hard. Guys that play well on the defensive end of the floor should be rewarded. This was more a case of the good that Tyler is doing than anything bad Marcus has done. Wes has been grading out so well defensively, I felt like we needed to give him a chance. In fact, we almost gave Danny a chance instead of Reyshawn and I told Reyshawn that."

On the final play -

"That is one of our defensive principles - if you are one pass away, you are supposed to deny. The entire game, we were letting them swing the ball around the perimeter which was opening up lobs and dunks for Johnson on the inside.

"That was a big time play for us. So was David Noel staying in front of Thornton and not letting him have an open look to close it."

On the point zone -

"It was crazy because we played more zone today than we have all season. I just felt like it was something that we had to do because they were making almost everything early. When we go zone and they turned it over twice in a row, it gave us a little lift."

On better shooting -

"You need to see it go in to increase your own confidence. We shot it well in the first half against UVa and we improved again today ... We knew these guys were all good shooters. If you worry too much about shooting, it'll turn you into a bad shooter. We didn't talk about it too much and it took care of itself. When the ball goes in the basket things look so much prettier."

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