Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts of what he said on the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the players' effort –

"After the game last night, I really thought that Reyshawn Terry was going to collapse in the locker room. He was physically and emotionally spent. And I've been on him the last week, I changed Marcus and put in Wes and told Reyshawn I was thinking about doing that at his position. And I tell you what – he responded so, so well. If anyone ever says anything negative about our players, if they could have seen that youngster in the locker room last night, they'd look themselves in the mirror and slap themselves 37 times. Our kids are giving it everything they possibly have."

On Wes Miller -

"Everything he's gotten he's worked so, so hard for. You can't be more proud of a youngster like that. Maybe works as much on his game as any player I've ever been around."

On BC –

"One of the more experienced teams in the league. I think four of those kids started for them last year when they made that [great] start. They're a big-time basketball team and it'll be a big challenge for us."

On giving the team the day off on Monday -

"No we did not [have practice today]. We gave them the day off … The locker room was one of the nicest locker rooms I've ever been in, the bus ride, the plane ride. But when I stood up on the bus last night to talk to the kids about the plans for the week, I saw 14 kids in front of me that were absolutely worn out so it was a good day to have an off day."

On Byron Sanders' performance Sunday night -

"Wes has gotten a lot of attention, and rightfully so, Reyshawn made big baskets and free throws, but Byron was sensational. First game in his college career in double figures. He's more focused now on what we want him to be focused on … The best thing Byron is doing right now is he's not trying to do the things he's not capable of doing. … He's defending very well, rebounding, running the floor, shooting inside shots. And he stepped to the line and made both of them and that was important to us. … In practice one week we shot 600 free throws and he made 81 percent of them. But during the game it's been more difficult for him so it was good to get those two in the hoop last night."

On Quentin Thomas' struggles -

"Quentin is an extremely nice young man. He was a highly recruited youngster who I thought at that time would be a big-time basketball player and I still believe that. But right now he is going through an extremely difficult time. Last night he played 2 minutes and had 3 turnovers and I didn't go back to him in the second half. He was ecstatic after the game for his team, but he'd like to be part of that. … He's working even harder in practice, but he's got to get that confidence back. … An extremely bright young man that we still have great hopes for and have to help him get through a tough time. And there have been some basketball players here that have had some tough times. We thought Steve Hale was going to be a sensational player and his freshman year there were times when we'd look at each other and wonder what he was thinking and he ended up being a sensational player."

On Mike Copeland's recruitment -

"As everyone knows, we were a little surprised we lost all four people that left early. We thought we would lose two, possibly three, but we didn't think we'd lose all four. We needed someone else with size. We tried to recruit Uche Echefu who plays at Florida State. We looked into a couple other kids and we got a phone call about Michael, went up and watched him play a couple times … He is really coming along offensively, he can do some nice things, but the toughest thing for a freshman is the defensive end and he is really struggling on the defensive end of the floor. If I could get a little more more comfortable with him on the defensive end of the floor, he would play some, because he can really do some nice things offensively."

On the signed recruiting class -

"We've got six youngsters – Tywon Lawson, the point guard and Wayne Ellington is the two guard. In fact, hopefully I'll be in a great mood on Sunday and try to jump on a plane and fly up to Philadelphia as they're playing each other at the Palestra. They're having great, great years. We have two kids from the West Coast. Alex Stepheson and Deon Thompson are both 6-9, 250 that will give us power and muscle inside. We've got Brandan Wright, who's 6-9, 200 and reminds me of Sam Perkins. And then William Graves from Greensboro Dudely who is 6-5, 250. We have a lot of muscle coming in next year."

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