Mullins Down to Three Schools

Four-star lineman Aleric Mullins will be taking his official visit to North Carolina this weekend. The biggest target left on the UNC recruiting board, Mullins has narrowed his list down to three schools and will announce next week. Inside Carolina talked with Wendell (N.C.) East Wake coach Jimmy Williams about his star prospect's upcoming decision ...

What's left for Aleric?
"His last visit is to Carolina this weekend."

How has his recruitment gone and how has he handled it?
"I think the kid has handled it very well. He chose not to commit and weigh everything out regarding football, academics and the people. Right now I think he's got everything narrowed down to three schools. He still got some other people calling and doing, but right now it's Tennessee, Auburn and Carolina right now, I believe. ... That stuff on the Missouri coach – I think that's a middle school coach trying to attach himself to Aleric. I don't think he's really interested in Mizzou at all. ... Carolina has done an excellent job of recruiting. They've got one more opportunity to put on a good show and then he'll probably make up his mind some time on Monday."

How will he announce?
"He's supposed to announce on ESPN. ... It may be ESPNU, but the guy said he needed to know a couple of days in advance."

What makes him a special person?
"He's top shelf. He's very level-headed and very humble. He knows he's got some tremendous opportunities. You can't go wrong. I mean from a football standpoint he can't go wrong with any of these universities that are looking to try and get him to sign. I think it's just got to be a situation where he feels most comfortable and where he thinks he's going to have a chance to be most successful academically. He's probably going to be the first person from his family to graduate and that's real important to him. They're looking at what schools present the best opportunity for him in that regard. He's handled the whole process as well as anybody I've ever had."

How about on the football field?
"He had an outstanding senior year. But the thing that makes him so good is he's very explosive – very explosive – and runs well laterally. Defensive tackles are a hot commodity; and if you're big and strong and can run, people are going to come out of woodwork for you. He's got good height, but he's not too tall he can't play inside. And it makes it a little easier for him with his reach and his arms and that kind of thing.

"He's just got that continuous motor. He runs and runs and never gives up on a play. He's going to wind up playing the ‘one or three-technique.' He's already about 290 pounds. Here's a kid who can come in and play right now, and can come in and give snaps right now if he qualifies. I think all of those things combined are what makes him so special and so sought after."

What stats can you remember off the top of your head?
"He had like 89 tackles, seven sacks and several hurries – I've got a guy that keeps all of that for me. But you know the biggest stat is he allows other guys to make plays because he's constantly double- and triple-teamed. He scored three touchdowns rushing playing fullback."

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